My Spring Makeup Must Haves

It’s been ages since my last ‘Must Haves’ post. I guess the 5 year month winter left me sapped of more energy and enthusiasm than I imagined. At long last though, Winter seems to have kindly farked off, and left us sweating in 30 degree plus weather. Spring must have happened that one time we overslept, I guess.

The thing I love most about warm weather, especially after what felt like years of cold, is the feeling of potential that it brings. Everything feels so fresh, so new and so green, so…fat.

Yep, with the rising temps comes the shedding of clothes, and unless you lived on boiled cabbage and green tea for the past 6 months, chance are you’re feeling a little apprehensive about baring all too soon.

Now, I cant make you thinner (sorry girls, if I could I would have helped myself a long time ago) but I can make sure you put your best face forward with a few of my Spring picks;

If you’re anything like me your foundation slides right off at the first hint of humidity. I stumbled upon this gem quite by accident a few months ago when both MAC and Estee Lauder had run out of my colour. A lovely lady at Clarins managed to convince me to try something new – and I haven’t looked back. Everlasting Foundation from Clarins goes on seamlessly, has buildable coverage, lasts pretty much all day (I suggest a primer and powder) and smells so so fresh. It also mixes well with a dot or 2 of a BB cream – useful for those in between months when your skin shade is more confused than 2002 Ricky Martin.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Being blonde has it’s perks. It also has its downsides, the biggest for me being that I do.not.have.eyebrows. Sure, look closely and I have what looks to be Aunt Mildreds upper lip hair, but get too close to a gas stove one time and those things don’t stand a chance. When it comes to eyebrows, I need all the help I can get.

Although a huge fan of the eyebrow shadow (MACS Brun – which is technically an eye shadow – being on of my staples) I have found that after a few hours small which patches of dry skin appear. I heard about Revlons Brow Fantasy and decided to give it a try. Essentially its a pencil and a gel (one to colour and one to set). I chose the dark brown as it was the effect I was going for. The result? Darker and more defined eyebrows that don’t fade for several hours.

Revlin Eyebrow Fantasy

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and am the proud owner of a Naked palette. So when a colleague returned from a trip to London and gave me this (today!)  I was smitten! It’s the perfect blush and bronzer combo – and I cannot wait to test it out.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed

My makeup artist at my wedding introduced me to the next gem on my list. Something I’ve always stayed away from was a  cream blush as I felt it added to my sweaty sheen, more than enhanced it. However, the Stila ‘Convertible Colour’ cream blush is one of the few that adds a perfect pop of color, and doesn’t make my face look like a melting was crayon. Even better, ‘set’ it with a powder cblush in a matching colour, and you’ve got a look that really will last all day…even after a swim. (Extra perk – it can double up as a lip gloss)

Stila Cream Blush

Why is sunblock so important you ask? Because, this.

Invest in a good quality sunblock – and wear it daily. This one from Dermaceutic is so gentle it can be used after surgery and laser treatments. Do yourself a favour, and don’t turn into that lady from Something About Mary.

Skin Ceutic 50magda_something_about_mary

IF you do overdue the sun exposure a little bit, and your skin is more parched than Charlie Sheen on a Monday, then make Bio Oil your best friend. I like to mix a little bit with my night cream and body moisturizer. It’s easily absorbed and wont leave a any awkward residue on your clothes. Bio Oil

Lastly, in a perfect world, where my skin is flawless, my bum like Barbies and my boobs perky – I would definitely invest in this bikini.

Triangl Bikini

What are your Spring must haves?

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What’s The Big Buzz About BB Cream?

The other day while perusing the makeup shelf at Clicks, I overheard the following conversation:

Lady 1: “What’s this BB cream I see everywhere?”

Lady 2: “I have no idea, also been seeing it all over the show”

Lady 1: “What do you think it stands for?”

it was at this point that I politely interjected and told them it stood for ‘Beauty Balm’ or ‘Blemish Balm; and is the latest craze to hit the beauty and cosmetic industry. Basically, a BB Cream promises several things: Moisturise, SPF protection, anti-oxidants, sheer coverage, priming and brightening.

Locally, Garnier was the first company to sell the product, followed (swiftly) by Revlon, Ponds and Clinique among others.

I for one do not see a reason for the big hoo-haa, I have been making a ‘tinted moisturiser’ using foundation and face cream for as far back as I can remember. I also always used to mix self tanner with body lotion (Gradual self-tanner, anyone?) so I guess I should have patented these ‘inventions’ before they became a global phenomenon.

if you are blessed with flawless skin (side-eyes my ancestors and their not so perfect skin genes) then this is a perfect moisturiser/foundation for you. If, like me, your skin requires a bit more love (read concealer, foundation and powder) then all a BB cream will do is subtly tint your skin.

I started off using the Garnier version and in typical Kate fashion then went out and bought the Rimmel, Ponds and Revlon one. Garnier comes out top for price, consistency and coverage and Revlon comes in stone last with consistency and value for money – my tube only lasted a few weeks and I found the consistency to be very oily and unflattering.

Competing products

Cheapie – Garnier BB Cream RRP R69.95 (Available in light, medium and dark)

Budget – Revon BB Cream RRP R149 (Light, Light/Medium, Medium and Deep)

Splurge – Clinique BB Cream RRP R345 (Shades 1 – 3)

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream
Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream
Garnier BB Cream
Garnier BB Cream
Clinique BB Cream
Clinique BB Cream

Tip and Tricks

If you are self conscious about going bare faced, but don’t require a full set of makeup then a BB Cream is perfect for just that. I apply it in the morning before gym or if dashing out to the shops. Look out for BB Creams containing an SPF. If you do require a bit more coverage then apply a BB cream and conceal where else is necessary.

Rupert Approves

As an online shopper I’m thrilled to announce that you can shop for Clinique Online. yay!

Happy Weekend 🙂

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