Readers, Lend Me Your Brains.

I have a lot on my mind – everything from finishing a rather massive race in 9 day’s time, to re-doing my entire house décor. So, seeing as you bunch are so freaking smart, I thought I’d try a new crowdsourcing exercise and get feedback from my readers – all of you! So, if you can help/answer any of the below queries, then I will send you a package of dolphin tears and glitter

  • I want to try do these concrete kitchen counter tops at home – does anyone know of a supplier or someone who does this? Also, because its concrete does it mean I will need to reinforce my existing cupboards and doors? (Look at me sounding all building savvy).

Concrete kitchen countertops

concrete counter 2


  • I need to make a photobook – who are the best suppliers/website/template makers out there?


  • I love this wood wall look for behind my TV in my lounge. Do I need a specific wood and does it have to be treated? (The husband is convinced it’s a breeding ground for termites). Then, is it easy enough to do as a DIY project, or should I rather go the trusty builder route?

wooden wall 2 wooden wall 1

  • Under eye fillers. I can’t stop thinking about having this done ever since my GP gently encouraged me. I’m also convinced it will stop everyone from asking me if I’m tired. All.The.Time. Yay/nay? Have you had fillers done? Where?

under eye fillers

  • Weight loss. After 4 months of religiously training for Half Iron Man I’m still sitting with a lump ‘o lard around my tummy, and feeling very sorry for myself. (I was SO sorry for myself this morning and almost tripped a skinny bitch in the change rooms as she waltzed around in a G-string and non-mom boobs). I think after the race I’m going take up more Pilates and strength training. I also want to adjust my eating plan slightly – I can’t do banting as I don’t eat any meat. What’s worked for you? I know there’s a lot of talk around fermented foods and how much it aids your digestion – I think that’s definitely a route I’m going to explore.


  • Shaving your face. Ok… so this has been met with much division, but I recently read this article on the benefits of (ladies) shaving their faces to aid skin renewal, exfoliate and slow the ageing process. Thoughts??


So looking forward to your comments and feedback. Especially from my mother around the eye fillers.

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Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper

It’s hard think that just 2 weekends ago I was dressed in boots, scarves and a jacket. Sitting at my desk now its a muggy 30 degrees, the air is thick with heat and Jozi is in desperate need of some rain.

This post, therefore may leave you terrorized as it involves hot and spicy food – not exactly appropriate for the heatwave we are experiencing!

As you may now, I love cooking. As you may not know, I despise cooking prep – chopping, peeling, dicing and slicing. I always have. Then, like an answer to my prayers I was sent the most incredible tool (cue the sounds of angels singing) – The Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper – a device which promises to take the stress and admin out of home-cooking. Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought I would give it a true test a few weeks ago on a particularly cold Saturday. Currently on a Paleo detox and craving comfort food I though that making something yummy on my Jamie Oliver Home-cooker would be the perfect experiment. 

Ooh, shiny.




This thing looks daunting – like a big silver cooking machine. Turns out, it couldn’t be simpler. You simply adjust the turny-thingy, chuck in your food, adjust the temperature, pop the lid on and then use your free time to do something worthwhile (In my case it was catching up on The Kardashians, don’t judge). It also chops, peels grates and all that time-consuming stuff.

I’ve now made several dishes on this bad boy (including soup, stew and a rather delectable lemon risotto). The most recent meal I made was this spicy (Paleo friendly) vegetable curry.

Step 1: Plug in your Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper



Step 2: Pick and choose a variety of vegetables and seasoning. I use fresh Indian spices and grind them in a pestle and mortar. 



Step 3: Admire your chopped vegetables. 



Step 4: Add onions, spices and coconut oil to your Cooker



Step 5: Add ingredients, set the timer, pop on the lid



Step 6: Go do something constructive while your food cooks itself



I ate the entire batch before I remembered I needed to take a photo. if I remember correctly the result went something like this: 



Thanks for turning me into a mini-Masterchef, Jamie!

The Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper (from Philips) is available at all good retailers as well as YuppieChef. It retails for around R4,595.

Happy Cooking!

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