The Happiest Day Of My Life


























I know, I know. We got married months ago and I am only now sharing some pics from the Best Day Ever. Also – these photo’s seem to have loaded from back to front so you will be taking a bit of an obscure trip through the journey – but that just adds to the excitemenet, no?

09.11.13 – Truly, the most amazing day in the world.

140 - Reception

Our great friend Don Packett made the best MC, ever.

7 - Reception

115 - Details & Decor 116 - Details & Decor

Possibly one of my favourite things from the day – our personalized Rupert and Bella cake-toppers made by our friend Maureen. The cake was 3 layers of delicious stinky smelly soft cheese. We served this as canapes with the pre-dinner/photo hour cocktails.

104 - Details & Decor

Handmade magnet name tags – in shapes of birds and hearts

88 - Details & Decor

A sweetie bar for ‘Padkos’

77 - Details & Decor


I still think someone won the lotto and are just to cheap to tell us 😉

40 - Details & Decor

33 - Details & Decor


I just loved doing these – and I have a feeling the trend may pick up (remember, you saw it here first). Personalized place-mats for everyone – created by me, designed by Kim.

8 - Details & Decor


260 - Couple & Bridal Party

240 - Couple & Bridal Party

226 - Couple & Bridal Party


164 - Couple & Bridal Party

Running up and down the WITS stairs with balloons – not something you can say you do everyday

148 - Couple & Bridal Party


Good Looking Bridal Party, eh?

135 - Couple & Bridal Party


128 - Couple & Bridal Party

96 - Couple & Bridal Party

88 - Couple & Bridal Party

My favourite photo of the day

76 - Couple & Bridal Party

63 - Couple & Bridal Party

57 - Couple & Bridal Party 45 - Couple & Bridal Party

34 - Couple & Bridal Party

1 - Couple & Bridal Party


3 generations: Granny, Mom, Me, Oma


182 - Ceremony

122 - Ceremony

113 - Ceremony


My gorgeous friend Ilona was our witness for the signing of the marriage certificate. 


100 - Ceremony


We decided on a Unity Candle for out 2 moms to light and pass on to us

95 - Ceremony


Double chin = Happy.

75 - Ceremony

32 - Ceremony


Entering the Chapel was terrifying. All I remember was Amy saying to me “Act like an iPhone, look around and take as many screengrabs as you can. Smile at everyone”. I was so busy doing that, that it was only at the end I realised I had completely forgotten to look for Barry!

22 - Ceremony

11 - Ceremony


I love this photo of Barry and his best man Chris


9 - Ceremony

Dad, Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?

1 - Ceremony

158 - Almost There - Kate

114 - Almost There - Kate

96 - Almost There - Kate


Wedding Shoes when marrying a shorty have to be flats. Added bonus – they are so comfortable!

82 - Almost There - Kate

71 - Almost There - Kate


We all got ready at my folks house – which was a lot more relaxing than a hotel. Plus my dad rather enjoyed Moet with the maids. 

43 - Almost There - Kate

25 - Almost There - Kate

3 - Almost There - Kate

Being a Groom is thirsty work.

111 - Almost There - Barry 43 - Almost There - Barry

Suppliers Details (cos, they were awesome!)

Dress: De La Vida

Groom and Bestmen suit: Khaliques

Makeup: Candi Makeup

Hair: Next hair

Flowers: The White List

Design: Kim Banks

Decor: Mostly DIY and White List

Venue: Olives and Plates and WITS University

Photographer: Laura Jane


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#KatesFavouriteThings – The Story of my Bachelorette

‘We started planning this a year ago’ Amy told me on the morning of my bachelorette – and I can believe it. Put three A type personalities in one room and you’re guaranteed that the result is going to be the best day and night. Ever. 

One of the things a bride looks forward to the most (apart from the obvious) is her hens party – it’s a day guaranteed with bubbly, friends, fun and spoils. My poor girls had a big challenge ahead of them though. I don’t enjoy nightclubs, I’m so tired of the Gatsby and Playboy theme and quite frankly, a plastic penis just bores me. I knew they had a challenge on their hands, but I was never worried, and it turns out rightly so – these gals know me inside out!

I was woken up to this ‘Love Actually’ moment by Barry. (Lies, I was already awake I hadn’t slept a wink!)

My 'Love Actually' Wake up message
My ‘Love Actually’ Wake up message

Knowing me so well I was greeted shortly thereafter by Amy with a cappuccino and a toasted sandwich as well as a beautiful dress to wear. We chilled and I got ready and then I was whisked away to destination number 1…

An art class with a hunky male nude! (sort of) 🙂

Art Class
Art Class

I loved the class – we laughed hysterically at the 21 year old model, clad in denim shorts and cheeky grin. I also love how, at 9 am, a breakfast of champagne is perfectly acceptable.

After the art class Amy took me to destination number 2 – while the others went off on a secret adventure. Destination 2 was The Life Day Spa and we indulged in some pedis and chill time around the pool.

Pedis by the pool
Pedis by the pool

Cue destination number 3 – the ‘main event’

The Arrival at The Fourways Farmers Market
The Arrival at The Fourways Farmers Market
Pretty ladies in sundresses and hats
Pretty ladies in sundresses and hats

More bubbly in my ‘Big Jimmy’

Hello Big Jimmy!
Hello Big Jimmy!
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Kate's Favourite Things
Kate’s Favourite Things
Kate's Favourite Things
Kate’s Favourite Things
Mom and me
Mom and me
Grannies and me
Grannies and me
Lovely Ladies
Lovely Ladies

The venue, food, people, pressies and effort was amazing. Pity I was too excited to eat becasue the spread was a stomach ulcers dream – pickled everything, Cherry Coke, licorice, Skittles, Cheese, sweet sweet cheeses, champagne, Marmite everything, a popcorn machine and so much more.

That night we went back to my folks for sushi, games, Bloody Mary’s, tequila and a quick change before we headed out to mystery destination

#4… (cue a small amount of willy and naked men – cos, you just have to!)


The perfect party planned by 3 incredible bridesmaids, my mom and a whole bunch of helping hands!! A day and night I will never forget

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12 Things I’ve Learnt About Planning A Wedding

Yesterday marked 5 months until our wedding, which means we have officially been engaged longer than the amount of time left until we say ‘I Do’.

Planning this wedding has been relatively stress free, give or take a few hurdles, and I wanted to share the 12 things I have learnt.

1. Enjoy it – I got engaged and was immediately told by an ex-manager that there would be ‘no wedding planning or talk in the office’. That completely broke me and I found myself avoiding the topic and ignoring the experience all together.

2. Involve your grooms parents – I am very non-traditional when it comes to who wants to get involved and believe that both moms should play an equal part, after all it’s just as much her child’s day as it is mine.

3. Don’t mention the ‘W’ word – Suppliers have literally doubled a quote upon finding out it was for a wedding. That being said, some suppliers do need to know as they will be there setting up on the day. If you can avoid letting someone know (retinue outfits and gifts, non-traditional cake toppers and accommodation/honeymoon) then do so.

4. Don’t expect too much – Sadly, the first few months of wedding planning felt more like a business transaction. Venues treated us like a cash injection and suppliers were more interested in our money than our vision. 

That being said…

5. Work with suppliers you love – I bought my dress from a boutique who treated me like a princess from the second I walked in the door (even though I was hanging like a fruit bat and not wearing any makeup). My flower and decor ladies Carey-Anne and Donna from The White List have gone over and above, meeting me after hours (with wine!) and have used their resources to ensure my end vision is achieved. My photographer, Laura Jane, is a gem and every time I see a blog post with her latest images I get goosebumps. 

6. Don’t be bullied – at the end of the day it is your wedding. If you mom/gran/mom-in-law or friend insists on a sage green paper for the wedding invite because its just ‘soo dreamy’ you need to Learn.To.Say.No. Appreciate any monetary contributions towards your day, but remember that the decision in most cases should always come down to you and your hubby to be.

7. Accept help – I’m still battling with this one as I hate inconveniencing people, but if someone does offer assistance, grab it with both hands.

8. Shit is gonna hit the proverbial fan – We lost our venue a few months ago and I thought this wedding was never going to happen. Turns out the new venue is even better than the first and I cant wait to get marred there. Often, these things happen for a reason.

10. DIY is King –  What’s the biggest joke at a wedding? The Budget. Weddings, my friends, cost a fortune. If there is anything you can make by yourself, or get a friend to make, then do it. We are so blessed to have a friend Kim who has designed all our wedding stationery – she has saved us money, time and made the experience a more personal one. Plus she’s bloody talented and just ‘gets me’.(Blatant flattery and bribery, Kim ;))

11. You will change your mind – Growing up most people dream about their big day and envision the dress, the decor and the groom. I had a very set idea in mind. Then I started planning, and everything changed. Be open minded about trying on different dress styles, looking at different venues and opening your mind up to alternative ideas.

12. It’s too soon to panic – No, really. You can only control the controllable. When in panic mode I suggest a 3 step process:

– Pour a glass of wine

– Phone a friend

– Pour another glass of wine

Here’s to the next 5 months of planning and enjoying every minute!

I would love to hear your feedback on your own wedding planning too and any advice you have for me 🙂



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Could this be the happiest wedding in the world?

“If I ever got married, I would have a spit braai on the lawn.” This is what our friend Khali said to me several years ago during a lunch with friends.

You see, Khali is a wedding planner/creator/memory maker extraordinaire. Her work is well known throughout the industry and as founder of the South African School of Weddings and The Wedding Specialist, the pressure to perform when her big day came, must have been immense.

Well her time did come, and the wedding was everything and nothing we expected.

The entire event from start to finish was a surprise. Not even the bridesmaids or groomsmen knew where it was or what it would entail, and try as we did we couldn’t even get Khali to disclose on the secret location.

The guests were all instructed to arrive at her offices at 11 am. There we were greeted by traditional drummers, packets of padkos and an entire team of SA School of Wedding staff on standby. A while later all the guests boarded traditional taxis, complete with tin can runners, and set off to our mystery destination. We heard rumblings of ‘Soweto’ and ‘Rooftop’ but not even Khalis assistant would let any clue slip.


I’m sure the line of 20 minibus taxis filled with formally dressed wedding guests must have been a helluva sight!

We eventually arrived at the destination. A school field in the middle of Westcliff. Interesting, I thought. And interesting it was. The field had been transformed into a colorful wonderland, complete with white marquee, a reception area overlooking the city of Jozi, a coffee bar, gelato bar, sweetie bar, cocktail bar and the world largest cheesecake. The use of every single color was so refreshing as was the chic french style music and the multiple surprises throughout the day (picture ‘waiters breaking out into operatic song and a cake the size of a small car).





<img src="" alt="20130428-125247.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" /








This may have just been the happiest wedding I have ever seen. If the start of their life together was this bright, I can only imagine what’s to come.

And in case you’re wondering – they served lamb on the spit. On the lawn. But in true Khali 6 star style.

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The Guilty Bride Syndrome

I’m a guilty person by nature. I feel bad about everything!! Bump into me with your shopping trolley, and I will apologise profusely. Look at me and whisper to your companion and I assume you are judging my entire being. (Back fat, food in teeth and split ends included). Last week my car was keyed for no reason and I berated myself for days, wondering what I could have done to deserve it. Turns out it was a common occurrence in that specific parking lot, and I happened to be an unfortunate target. I had done nothing wrong, yet I assumed I had. I’m that person who smiles sheepishly at a waiter when the table next to me shouts from bad service, and then tips them extra when the payer isn’t watching

In November I got engaged. Cue happy tears, laughter, too many Facebook congratulations to count and a general feeling of euphoria. Which lasted for 48 hours. Within days of bouncing back to reality I had been told how awful wedding planning was by friends and acquaintances, told to keep everything wedding related to my private life by certain work people and treated like yet another cash injection by everyone ranging from venues to photographers and in everyone inbetween.

Because of this, 3 months later I have been too afraid to even start getting excited about my big day. When people kindly mention it I joke how I would rather elope. When someone shows an interest, I brush them off and say ‘oh gosh, it’s ages away, lets talk about you’ and when I realise that weddings are indeed a business and things get booked, fast, I tell myself there are a hundred other more imprtant things to focus on than A WEDDING.

Just yesterday I was talking to colleagues, (indulging in a few minutes respite from my desk during their smoke break. Amongst these trusted colleagues I brought up the taboo issue of my nuptials, mentioning the exorbitant price of the venue and all the homemade and DIY things I wanted to do to offset that. One of them (colleagues) mentioned – but that’s what your bridesmaids are for! Never! I exclaimed, having been a bridesmaid more times than I can recall – I would never ask them to get involved this early on. Then I clicked – why is it that I would put more hours and effort into my friends wedding than my own? Why do I feel guilty about wanting to plan a day which is all about me? I feel guilty about the attention, I feel guilty about people making me feel special for a change and I feel guilty that this event has sucked me in, and captured my attention.

I shouldn’t feel bad about wanting a beautiful day, a day filled with things I have planned, created and imagined. A day when Barry and I are surrounded by the best people in our lives. I’m a smart, grownup woman, capable of many things, multi tasking included. I can manage time better than Big Ben and even the ‘W’ word won’t turn me into a dithering wreck. This will be my day, and going forward I vow (pun intended) to ensure that when I smile at an idea or spot a dress I love, I won’t hate myself for not focusing on what other people want me to, but rather enjoy the experience. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

Brides, fiancées and just those dreaming of your big day – I would love to hear your feedback on your experiences and emotions during this time of your lives.

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