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Readers of my blog know that I am a lover of all things fitness and exercise, and generally track and document my activities on Rupert Approves. You may also have heard me talking abut my next Half Iron Man distance race (Tri Rock) in October. Sadly – I have had to pull out of it for a few reason (one being lazy and the other a recent health incident …. maybe one day I will blog about that). So, cancelled triathlon aside and what feels like a year long winter, my body has hit a serious slump. So serious in fact, that my fat pants are now toit pant and I am feeling uncomfortable ALL.THE.TIME. It also doesn’t help when my husband, bless his cotton socks, grabs my tummy and makes big squishy vagina faces with it. 

Recent health events (annoyingly vague, I know), stress at work and a damn long year have all played its part and I must admit, I have been lazy as hell, choosing to get home after work and lie on the couch with a glass of red, over hitting the gym. Silly me – because all the hard work I put in before the wedding, getting to my goal weight, has reversed and I have piled the kilos back on and am feeling utterly crap.

I’ve listlessly tried a few things to get this arse back in gear – suggesting a neighbourhood running group, aimlessly wandering around the gym and cutting out all carbs – none of which lasted more than a few days. It’s clear to me that the only time I ever achieve anythng is with a plan and goal in mind – so I decided to investigate some training options out there.

What better way then by stalking following a few Instagram accounts that showcase the famous ‘body transformation’ pic. One of those accounts belong to Australian trainer and 6-pack-owner Kayla Itsines, and after realising a lot more people in SA follow her, her plan began looking like an option. It was also after chatting to cyber friend Meg Pacoe (Fit_Megsie on Instagram) who is also doing it, that I decided to give it a bash. 

So here we are, 3 days in and walking like a colonoscopy patient. I never in a hundred years thought that this plan would leave me so sore after just two days (considering the first 4 weeks involve around 28 minutes a day). But boy was I wrong.

I’m considering loading some before pics but am honestly so ashamed that I’m not sure if I can…would you still love me, dear reader, if you saw me at my worst?

In case you were wondering the reason behind my excitement – take a look at these transformations:

Kayla Itsines Body Transformation Kayla Itsines Body Transformation Kayla Itsines Body Transformation Kayla Itsines Body Transformation Kayla Itsines Body Transformation Kayla Itsines Body Transformation


I know, right!?

Also, I am following both her eating and training pan and would love to hear from anyone else who has done this program (I’m particularly interested in feedback on the eating – as it’s a lot more carbs than I ever thought would be OK)

Here’s to a new improved me (Thumbs crossed!)


Fatty m’cKearney. 


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