Book Lovers – I Need Your Help! A Blog A Day Challenge – Day 8

“Currently Reading”

As an avid reader I’m prone to feelings of severe post-book depression. I dread the last few pages of a book that I’m loving because I’m always certain I will never ever find another book as good. Ultimately, I do, but the weeks in between are hard – poring through vile crap in order to find literary gold.

To alleviate the pain of ‘bad book syndrome’ I need your help. If, based on the books I’m about to mention below, you think you have one I will love, please be a dear and let me know? Hopefully you will also find a few goodies with comments posted from other. See, its like a e-book club, but with less wine.

A few of my favourite books, ever, to get us started:

1. We need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

We Need To Talk About Kevin

2. White Oleander by Janet Fitch

White Oleander

3. Gone Girl by Elizabeth Flynn

Gone Girl

4. The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam by Lauren Liebenberg

the voluptuous delights of peanut buttr and jam

5. Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi

6. Room by Emma Donoghue


7. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief


Looking forward to hearing your choices!

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Blog A Day Challenge – Why Do You Blog – Day 3

Why do I blog?

I guess I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to say and found that Twitter was too short and Facebook too generic. Even when I worked in radio at Highveld for 5 years I felt like I never really had freedom of speech. Listen closely to 94.7 and you will soon pick up (if you haven’t yet, ‘cos all my readers are smart) that the DJ’s content pretty much consists of punting station promos, lineups and Primedia related things. Yawn

I am also interested in a lot of things – from finding pyjama pants that don’t ride the crotch wave every night, to cooking a gourmet meal, to reviewing the ultimate foundation, from running a PB 10 k to a DIY project and everything in between. This blog allows me to have my own personal soapbox from which to spew my 10 cents worth.

The beauty of it, is that you don’t have to follow me or read what I have to say. I’ll love you less, but that can’t be helped.

My blog is an outlet for my ramblings, my musings, my bitchings and my thinkings. I love how its taken off (and by taken off,  I mean its like a new born pigeon daring to venture out of the nest to take its first poo) but still, it’s getting there.

I blog, because I love it and because I have been so overwhelmed by some of the nicest feedback and comments from random strangers. I’m always shocked (and oh so pleasantly surprised) when someone comments or likes a post – truly, you guys seriously know how to make a gal feel good).

So, thanks for reading, and thanks for staying around despite some of the utter crap that happens on here.

Love you long time.

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Intro and Recent Photo – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Shit, day one and I’m already procrastinating. I just asked my colleague Lucy to take a recent photo of me. Vanity prevents me from posting it. I have under eye bags and wrinkles. In lieu of that – here’s a photo of who I’d rather look like; Blake Lively.

You’re welcome.

About Me

I have the eye wrinkles of a woman twice my age, but am in-fact only 30. I say only because my Oma has just turned 90 (today!) which means the ladies in my family live forever, so I’ve got some good years left in this ol’ engine. I live in Jukskei Park (Johannesburg) in a our lovely new (old) home with my lovely husband Barry and our 2 dogs Rupert and Bella.

I grew up in Chartwell to mom Ingrid, dad Mike and brother John-Michael. I have a blog post planned about them so wont go into too much detail about them right now. They’re a hoot – so watch this space.

It’s hard to write about oneself. No matter what you say, you’re bound to come off the wrong way. But I’ll try.

I am an A type perfectionist and will seldom give up on an idea once I have it. Just ask my husband. I drive him nuts with things that I want done yesterday, when I’ve only thought of them today. My mind is always busy. Because of this, I multitask like a bitch and can easily do several things at once, successfully. I sleep badly – must be due to the brain-never-off thing and I am guaranteed to wake up at 5 am on a Saturday, and 8 am on a weekday.

I adore dogs. Like, I mean, adore. I’m convinced that the solution for a patient in respiratory failure is not actually a defibrillator but rather a bucket full of puppies. Who wouldn’t want to not live for that? Apart from dogs, I adore all animals (except horses, sorry) and am happiest when around, surrounded or close to them. That being said, I’m far too emotional when it comes to cruelty of animals and will cry longer and harder at the thought of an ill-done by animal than human (again, sorry).

I adore my red wine and have a glass every night. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate unless its a white Lindt ball or Speckled Eggs. I love salad, sushi cheese and noodles and could pretty much eat those for the remainder of my days. Cooking is my happy place – unless its 8pm after a long day in which case its an ‘eat what you get given or shut up kind of meal’.

I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I had a pet sheep who was killed and eaten and haven’t eaten red meat or pork since.

I desperately want a pet pig, some chickens and a sheep and I’ve already named them all in my head (my pig will be Norman).

I spend my spare and free time reading, browsing on Pinterest, shopping, cooking, and making said things on Pinterest. I’m currently going through a home decor phase and have a pile of pallets lying in my garden waiting to be turned in to something beautiful.

When I have a bit more time, and lack of sense, I like to enter races and compete with myself to do something I never thought possible. I took up triathlons a few years ago, and have just entered a Half Iron Man distance called ‘Tri Rock’ in December. I adore running and am most fond of trail running.

I care too much and will always remember the little things to make others feel special – I sometimes expect too much in return and am very often disappointed when I don’t get it.

My weakness would be makeup and skincare and have been an avid collector since I was young. I’m still convinced I will end up in this line of work one day.

I’m a girly girl who isn’t afraid to rough it (except for camping. Negative on the camping).

I have a seriously cool group of friends and am a people collector. You’re never too old to make new friends, and some of my best friends are the ones who have only been in my life for a few years. I would give my life for the people I love and am loyal to almost the end. There have been friendships lost along the way, but they needed to be dropped – they were more toxic than healthy.

I’m a stickler for time and may just be the most punctual person I know. there are times when I have tried my hardest to be just a little bit late, and have failed miserably every time.

I’m funny. Thank god, because I’m not the smartest person around. My wit and humour often gets used as a defense mechanism, and I think, to my detriment. I’m generally always happy and laughing and therefore don’t show how I’m really feeling. ‘Keep the peace’ is my motto.

I cannot tell left from right, read a map or understand a spreadsheet. I leave cupboard doors open and seem to collect crap wherever I go. I talk too fast, and sometimes over people but it’s never with ill intent.

I cannot do a step class and have trouble remembering directions. I cry when I’m frustrated. I’m an ugly cryer.

I love the taste of ginger and hate fennel. I only like liquorice if it’s salty or has that pink filling. I have toilet anxiety and despise having dirty feet. I’m terrified of spiders and centipedes and am convinced I’m going to die in a freak accident (picture a geyser falling on my head, or a kite string slicing my throat open) but, I really hope not.

I’m very attracted to a good conversation and someone who can make me laugh. I despise sulkers and people who cannot communicate.

I am a tech nerd and will always smell an electronic as soon as its come out of the box. Speaking of smells – my favourite is a struck match (reminds me of Christmas) and my worst is body odour and browning mince. I am a sucker for a good set of calves and big shiny white teeth.

I tweet, Instagram, take photos and gorge on Buzzfeed when I have time. I will shout at a radio DJ when they’re being useless or stupid (most of the time).

I try my hardest and do my bit and expect the same from others around me.

I’m me. And damn proud of it.

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