About That Body Change.

I met the girls for dinner last night, and the restaurant happened to be right next to my gym, so I quickly ran in to swipe my card and leave. I’m getting those nasty little email reminders from the gym about my membership, and infrequent visits and and and… It’s really very needy. I am just not finding the time to breathe, let alone exercise at the moment. I investigated preggy yoga and preggy bellies, but again was reminded just how unsuited these places are towards moms who actually work. It feels like a foreign concept to them. Who on earth can go to a Pilates at 9 or a preggy class at 4 pm? The same woman who probably have au pairs and breakfast at Tashas on a Monday morning. Ugh. Alas, yee of the working class just doesn’t have that luxury. In fact, I’m working harder now than pre-fetus because between you and me and thousands of readers I am freaking the fuck out about money and savings and education and and and. But that’s a post for anther time.

I digress. Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks with this pregnancy, and so far I’ve been totally OK abut my body image. At my checkup yesterday they doctor told me I have technically lost 6 kilograms, as I haven’t gained any weight yet and at this stage of pregnancy I should be 6 kilos heavier – so even though that was a small victory, it was short lived.

I got home from work yesterday and wanted to change into something more comfy for dinner. So I slipped off my dress and started rummaging around in my cupboard. Sadly, before I had a chance to put the fresh outfit on I saw my reflection in the mirror. My boobs have those tell-tale purple veins – I can almost see the milk flowing through them – and my love handles are clearly in the honeymoon period, for they spilleth over my hippeth like a river. I’m soft to the touch and any firmness my body once possessed has disappeared, along with the ability to control my bladder.

I remember this with Carter, but with 5 months to go still I’m quite distraught at the prospect of having to hate my body for a long time to come. Plus let’s not even get started at the post baby body – remember this fat post?

Anyway. Not a lot I can do now, I’m so far up the duff that it’s really fruitless to stress too much about it. All I can do is try maintain the good eating and try re-start on the exercise. I’ve downloaded an app catered for maternity exercises and all I need to do is activate my subscription and just do it, I guess. Tomorrow, or maybe Monday. Monday sounds good.

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  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing. I was pregnant with my first at the same time you were with Carter and it was so refreshing seeing the truth in black and white and not what the general glowy perception is out there. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with our second so you are, once again, my spirit animal in saying what I am thinking 🙂

  2. Hahahah this: “y love handles are clearly in the honeymoon period, for they spilleth over my hippeth like a river” is EVERYTHING!!!!! You look beautiful. Be kind to yourself. xxx

  3. You stress to much what your body looks like, as long as that little human is healthy it does not matter, be kinder to your self, enjoy your pregnancy, so many ladies out their that wish their love handles silleth over their hippeth. 🙂

  4. Pregnancy is not for everyone (especially not me!) and I truly HATE the feeling of my body changing and not being in control… But this will pass and it’s all worth it in the end (I used to want to punch people when they said it!)
    Sorry friend x

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