Moms Who Love Running? Thule Needs You!

If you are an active mom who loves running, then you will know all about the importance f having a good baby jogger. One brand that I have always openly lusted after is the Thule range. They have recently launched the new Thule Urban Glide and it is incredible. When I learnt I was pregnant with Number 2, I actually went into the store, just to stare at it. We have some crappy 4th hand job that has wobbly wheels and is about 30 kilograms too heavy. Not ideal when dodging city traffic.

If you too have been dying to try it out, then now is your chance. I am looking for one active mom, based in Jozi, who is free on 22 September 2017 and keen to take part in the FNB Jozi Run, using the brand new Thule glide.

All you need to do to enter is comment on the blog post and confirm that you are A) In Jozi available on 24 September and B) have a kid/baby to pop in the jogger. I can lend you mine if you want, he’s pretty awesome most of the time 😉 Winner will be announced on Monday 11 September

We will send you the jogger 2 weeks before, so you can do a few practice runs with it before the big race. We will also give you an R850 VIP package to the FNB Jozi Run as well as a gift to keep (sadly the stroller will have to be collected) – A Thule Vea Backpack valued at R2499!

About The Race
The FNB Jozi Run celebrates the sizzling city that is the beating heart and soul of South Africa … Jozi.  The 10km race is an opportunity to explore downtown Jozi on foot and celebrate this historical African city.
What the VIP entry will get you: 
This could be you. But you don’t have a Thule. 


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    1. Definitely sounds like me, iv lusted for the thule range too.will be awesome to finally try it out. I just never ran with my babies before coz couldnt Manage with the normal stroller but want to try it out with my baby now since iv just been leaving him behind too. So will be a great opportunity

  1. Oh my goodness kate, I screamed out loud when I saw this post. I too spend time staring at the Urban glide in stores / im sure people think I’m creepy! I’ve been looking for a 10k race to enter with Olivia because I did the last one without her because I have such a crap jogging pram ! Seriously I bought it for under R1000 off OLX because I had to run with Olivia – as you know very hard to fit training in as a mama ! I’d be honoured to give the pram a go and document it!

  2. I’d love to try it out! Ive recently started running again after a long hiatus, and have never taken the baby(22 months) with since my pram is big and bulky. I didn’t even know running prams where a thing!

  3. So the race is the 24th September 2017. I’m still available ?. Oh .. and it’s our wedding anniversary .. if that’s not dedication….

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