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I made the mistake of going to the shops on pay day weekend, because Carter needed new shoes. Again. I know they tell you that these kids grow up fast, but no one ever told you that this is directionally proportional to the size of their feet as well. I feel like all I do is stripper throw money at clothes for my son.

I know I’m not alone, because by the time I actually get to the correct section of the store there is hardly anything decent left in his size. It’s a full on mom vs. mom war in there – age 2-3 tshirts being tug-of-warred between Betty from Boksburg and Katy from Killarney and 5 pack undies being hurled from desperate mom to panicked dad in a move that would make our Bokke proud.

So, it is with great delight that I am giving one lucky parent the chance to avoid suicide hour (at the mall atleast) for a short while, and potentially walk home with a kids clothing hamper from Nike.

If you believe your child is a ‘Nike Kid’ then let me know why he or she should get an awesome clothing hamper from this iconic brand, valued at R1500.

The Nike kid has an insatiable appetite for play, an unrivaled desire to be inspired and an unfaltering confidence to dream… and the apparel to allow them to do so.

Carter is a Nike kid because he has all of the above traits – an insatiable appetite full stop, an unfaltering confidence ( I mean, who else can pull of Crocs better than a toddler?) and the confidence to dream with him is strong too – he still truly believes that he’s getting strawberry milkshake in bed instead of dinkum cows milk.

So, if you have a child aged between 2 and 7, let me know how they are the epitome of the perfect Nike kid, and you could be winning him or her a trendy new clothing hamper from Nike!

The Ts and The Cs

  • Your son or daughter must be between the ages of 2 and 7
  • Winner will be drawn randomly on Thursday 6 July
  • The prize is not transferable for cash
  • You can enter on behalf of a friend
  • You must like the Rupert Approves Facebook page and subscribe to this blog

Good Luck!


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  1. My 3year old daughter, Blake is definitely the one. She has an insatiable appetite for sport, exploring and experimenting outdoors. She doesn’t comform to the girls should only wear pink dresses, her favourite colour is actually blue. She is confident, independent, motivated and a barrel of laughs.

  2. My son is a Nike Kid for sure. He is one of those kids who’s imagination runs away with him. He takes my breath away everyday with his love for life and those around him. He loves being outdoors and taking in nature and all the wonders of the world! For me, a Mother couldn’t be prouder.

  3. My little boy is 2 in August but is growing at the speed of light! Grant’s desire to play is so insatiable he talks about his friends at school in his sleep, he is so enamoured with all his dad does and is inspired to copy his every single move and it always surprises me how completely confident he is in his ability to believe that he can get away with feeding food he dislikes to our doggies 🙂
    Grant is a kiddo with no fear – I swear his motto is “Just do it”… was that too much?? 🙂

  4. My daughter is 3 years old and she is already such a little ninja .. definitely a Nike Kid with her constant running and gymnastics all over the house and yard .. we would love to dress her up in this Nike Apparel

  5. I definitely think my son Mason is a Nike kid. He has the the look and the personality. He’s the sporty, seriously hyper type. I had a woman in the shops tell me he’s gorgeous but she feels sorry for me cause he’s so wild. His friends love him, when I drop him off at school all I hear is kids shouting Mason, Mason, Mason over and over?. Wish I was that popular at school. And he really keeps me on my toes. He got called into the principles office because he said f@&k you 3 times, he’s 4!!!?And this is why I drink??

  6. Gia loves to play, run, dance with a spring in her step to match the sparkle in her determined personality. (her mother is adamant she needs to look good doing what she loves best), so please add me to the draw!!

  7. Today was dress up day at school (a circus theme). Ben cried and cried until I changed his pompom covered shirt. He hates dress up. Give him his running shoes and silky running shorts and he’s happiest. Also #pompomsmustfall.

  8. My 4 year old is definitely a nike kid. He has an insatiable appetite for play( always on the floor or outside playing and his imagination is clearly on point , and an unfaltering confidence to dream( he is sure he is going to be a race car driver one day ! )so please chose him!

  9. Isla would love Nike gear, she is a little shoe fanatic, and has very perticular ideas of what to wear in the mornings!

  10. Hi! Gosh, i just recently had a similiar shopping nihhtmare, scream! Lol. I have 3 boys! My eldest is the perfect nike kid, as is an endless ball of fun, games, play, competition and lets go go, oozing confidence all the way( maybe too much!) he is 7yrs, and then my 2nd is just a lean machine. Quick, fast and clever, but right in there with the game, and aiming high! He is almost 6! Well, thirdborn has made sure to make his mark, loud, proud, and always working as a team to find the best thing to do, play, explore, endless energy! He is 4. Thanks for an awesome giveaway, fantastic clothing quality and so funky too!

  11. My son has an insatiable appetite for sport, from tennis to golf to cricket and now he wants to be a “soccer star!” He is definitely dreaming big for a two year old! He would look adorable in some Nike kit as he plays to win!

  12. My 3 year old daughter has an insatiable appetite for sport, exploring or anything that doesn’t require sitting still. She absolutely loves the outdoors and sometimes it even seems like she forgot she can walk cause she’s always, running, hopping or skipping. She doesn’t conform to the “girls should wear pink dresses”, her favorite color is actually blue. She’s confident, independent and has a will all her own. She’s an unstoppable force.

  13. My son has a don’t give up attitude, no matter how many times he falls he just dusts himself off and carries on running around! He is happiest being outdoors and just goes and goes until his little legs can’t carry him anymore! He loves kicking his soccer ball around

  14. I would love this Nike Gear for my very active 3 year old little girl. She loves playing “on your marks, get set, go” and would love to be wearing awesome work out gear while she does that!

  15. My son has a don’t give up attitude, no matter how many times he falls he jumps back up and starts running again! He loves being outside and kicking a ball or riding his bike! He would love this

  16. My James (8yrs old) would love this! As would his mom’s bank account! He firmly believes he will play rugby, cricket and soccer for South Africa. He has a never give up approach to life, never letting inevitable challenges get him down. He believes in practice, practice, practice. He’s my little legend!

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