The Interesting Interview Series.

I was driving to work this morning and scrolling through Facebook (naughty, I know). Apart from the usual rubbish that fills my newsfeed – cat videos, food videos, videos of videos – there were also a couple of really awesome posts. Someone I know is going back to gym after a 6-month hiatus (been there!), someone else was posting their professional photos of their latest shoot, and someone was commenting on how much they love Mondays ever since deciding to quit the corporate world and start their own business. Basically, there are rad, interesting, inspiring people all over who are doing amazing things with their life.

With that in mind, and because I recently had my very own Oprah ‘aha’moment, where I realised what I wanted to do with my life (well part time atleast), I’ve decided to start a weekly series where I interview and chat to inspiring people.

So, if you know of anyone – or think you could fit the profile – please let me know. It could be someone who quit the 8-5 and became a professional dog walker, someone who lost a lot of weight and started a new health journey, someone who ran their first race after leading a sedentary life, someone who took up a hobby and made money off of it, someone who has left the country and is trying to make a new life for themselves, a single mom rocking it or someone who has a fascinating career. It could be anyone!

Please pop me a comment below and let me know who you think I should chat to, and why.

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  1. Mariska Du Plessis, she is a machine!

    She works at USN, her dream job. Mariska is always posting about inspiring things from work,eating to training and it goes on. Motivating, caring and always doing challenges, she never backs down. She is currently getting ready to compete in a fitness bikini competition.

    There is loads more where this came from. Chat to her đŸ™‚ You’d love it!

  2. My Best Friend, Robyn White. She inspires me on a daily basis to stop with all the excuses of life, kids, work and just get down to being fit and healthy. She is an incredible mom to 2 gorgeous little girls and an incredible wife, sister, friend etc. All in all, a remarkable women who I’m honored to call my bestie đŸ™‚

  3. Try Corlea Sass. She’s losing weight and has started a blog that I love reading. Also, Marthinus Barnard from MCBartistry. He’s a storyteller of note, who I think you’d adore. Another one I am dying to ask more questions from is a dear friend who runs her own business, and has been dating someone in between the ages of her own children. She’s loving life. Text me for details

  4. Looking forward to this series. “Normal” people have much more interesting and motivational stories, we haven’t already stereotyped them due to public image. Looking forward to it a lot! xx

    1. Me too Marne, everyone has a story to tell, and its often the people we don’t know about who have the best ones!

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