Readers, Lend Me Your Brains.

I have a lot on my mind – everything from finishing a rather massive race in 9 day’s time, to re-doing my entire house décor. So, seeing as you bunch are so freaking smart, I thought I’d try a new crowdsourcing exercise and get feedback from my readers – all of you! So, if you can help/answer any of the below queries, then I will send you a package of dolphin tears and glitter

  • I want to try do these concrete kitchen counter tops at home – does anyone know of a supplier or someone who does this? Also, because its concrete does it mean I will need to reinforce my existing cupboards and doors? (Look at me sounding all building savvy).

Concrete kitchen countertops

concrete counter 2


  • I need to make a photobook – who are the best suppliers/website/template makers out there?


  • I love this wood wall look for behind my TV in my lounge. Do I need a specific wood and does it have to be treated? (The husband is convinced it’s a breeding ground for termites). Then, is it easy enough to do as a DIY project, or should I rather go the trusty builder route?

wooden wall 2 wooden wall 1

  • Under eye fillers. I can’t stop thinking about having this done ever since my GP gently encouraged me. I’m also convinced it will stop everyone from asking me if I’m tired. All.The.Time. Yay/nay? Have you had fillers done? Where?

under eye fillers

  • Weight loss. After 4 months of religiously training for Half Iron Man I’m still sitting with a lump ‘o lard around my tummy, and feeling very sorry for myself. (I was SO sorry for myself this morning and almost tripped a skinny bitch in the change rooms as she waltzed around in a G-string and non-mom boobs). I think after the race I’m going take up more Pilates and strength training. I also want to adjust my eating plan slightly – I can’t do banting as I don’t eat any meat. What’s worked for you? I know there’s a lot of talk around fermented foods and how much it aids your digestion – I think that’s definitely a route I’m going to explore.


  • Shaving your face. Ok… so this has been met with much division, but I recently read this article on the benefits of (ladies) shaving their faces to aid skin renewal, exfoliate and slow the ageing process. Thoughts??


So looking forward to your comments and feedback. Especially from my mother around the eye fillers.

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  1. I just want to know how the hell you are training,working,wife-ing and mom-ing….all at the same time
    I’m desperate to run but between work, teething baby and sick hubby I have zero energy

    1. It is SO so hard. Our life goes like this:
      Monday Morning: I wake up when it’s dark (having packed bags, food etc the night before) and leave for gym, then go straight to the office from gym. Barry then does the morning routine and gets baby ready for creche and takes him to creche.
      Monday evening: I leave work and fetch baby from creche then make dinner, feed baby, bath baby, play with baby, out baby down, drink wine etc

      We alternate this every day for 7 days so one person is always on ‘baby duty’ and the other person gets to train. It’s flipping stressful, but you make do! Get your hubby involved!

  2. 1. Concrete counter tops need to have reinforced cupboards or else you will have a counter floor top. I’ts all about the weight of the top.
    2. Photobook- So many suppliers out there, I know that the film and photo shop in Douglasdale shopping centre does them, a friend of mine had hers done there and it came out great. Another friend used a place in Fourways mall, near discem.
    3. Have no idea about what wood etc to use for this. I personally would hire someone to do it and I am sure that if the wood is treated no termites will enter your house.
    4. Uner eye fillers, SERIOUSLY! You dont need these, have a look on pinterest as to what remedies you can use to help before setting out on changing your beautiful face.
    5. Weightloss. You have me from June and I am going to make it my mission to help you, with a glass of your favourite in the evening.
    6. Shaving your face? WTF! this is a total no no no. Think of number one the mission of doing it weekly, you are already busy and this just sounds totally weird and almost like something woman would do 40 years ago.

    I hope it all helps in some way. The DIY is best done by doing plenty of research. You don’t want to be eating off the floor next to a termite infested wall, with black
    eyes and extra hair growth on your face looking at your fabulous photo book whilst crying because you are struggling to lose a few kgs. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff do whats important first and work on one thing at a time. live, laugh and love.

    1. Hahaha – this totally made my day. best feedback ever. And YAY for starting with you in July! I have a photoshoot on the 10th…how much magic can you work in a week and a half? 😉

  3. The photobook websites are all the same; I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. When you loading your photos they tell you if they are good enough quality for the size photo you want to use in your book. But be prepared…it takes ages to complete it but it doesn’t have to be done in one go you can save it and take a few days to do it as you gather more photos etc.

    Shaving your face (that’s a first for me haha). And why do you want to, you don’t have a hairy face. Just think it’s probably like shaving any other part of your body, you will get more hair after shaving.

    For me I’ve found portion control and not cutting out certain food groups except no additional sugar (like sugar in tea/cereal) is the best for weight loss and following the BBG programme (thank you!!! You got me started on it)

    1. I don’t have a hairy face at all, I’ve just heard that it makes your skin glow and makeup lasts much longer. Portion control – spot on – I battle the most with that!

  4. More strength training will definately help (squat, deadlift, press, etc). Also, maybe a bit personal, but what type of birth did you have? Ceasars can take a lot of time.

    1. Agreed, before I started I’m training (100% cardio) I was doing a lot of strength/cardio/pilates and definitely noticed great changes! I had a c section, takes forever to heal and for your body to bounce back!

  5. I love all your questions, and my answers:
    Our whole house is concrete so I can send contact details – will definitely need to be reinforced.
    I’ve used Shutterfly for photo books and they are great.
    I would leave the wooden wall to an expert – wood can be so dodgy if not done properly.
    NO to eye fillers and face shaving!! you can use eye creams and don’t need it so young and nothing nice about re-grown shaved hair.
    The Brookdale eating plan is great if you don’t eat meat – and it has tasty, healthy desserts too.
    Let us know an update x

    1. Please send me contact details and photos – dying to see ‘real life’ examples! Thanks for the other feedback, definitely going to investigate this Brookdale thing now xx

  6. Hi Kate. I’ve done fillers and botox. The fillers didn’t make a difference that I could see. With a good eye cream and the latest makeup techniques you can conceal anything. NO to shaving you face!!!

    1. Really? Where did you do the fillers? I have cavernous holes under my eyes that no eye cream could fix. Hahaha I love how everyone is a staunch ‘no’ on the shaving 😉

  7. Photo2Print is the best place for photobooks. You download their programme and do it yourself, it’s fantastic and they very quick!

  8. Kearney!
    Do not shave your face. Use a good enzyme based exfoliator, yes they are expensive, but they go a long way, I replace mine once a year.

    The eye thing, this could be linked to your iron deficiency, so wait till your iron is normal before you do something crazy like fillers.

    Ok, the diet thing, so I am a bundle of hormone mess. I have tried EVERYTHING. A woman’s body is a mysterious thing and hormones play a massive part in how you loose weight. This you may know already, but I have gone through so much that I feel I am sort of an expert. You have my number, call me, we can have a glass of water and chat about it.

    Good luck xx

    1. What is an enzyme based exfoliator? I used the QMS one at this facial I went to on Monday and it was truly amazing – but super pricey. I do think it’s a valuable investment though. Ugh, yes shame, you have been through the wringer – I think wine and a chat is definitely in order!

  9. Should you wish to get fillers I can highly recommend Lightsculpt in Bedfordview more particularly Dr Alistair McAlpine. He is an expert in this field and his result are simply astounding. I would not trust my face with anyone else but him, and I have visited various Plastics before.

  10. Hi!
    Dr Gus at lasersense at fpurways intercare is amazeballs! He can tell you HONESTLY re botox fillers etc! Msg me and i will send you his details!
    NO to wood behind tv! YES to relaistic wall paper-will send you a pictures of mine!
    What happens if you have to leave for work at 6am sharp? When can I train???
    NO to shaving face!
    Please let me know how you manage to get rid of tummy flab!!,

    1. Yes, please send me his number – and he’s nice and close!! The only option is to train at 4:30 am – NOT ideal. What tie do you get off? Can you maybe alternate evenings with hubby? Re tummy flab… I’ll let you know when I find out 😉

  11. If when you start training with Jenny, you want a venue, I’ve just finished a home gym, I have weights and a ball, I live really close and train with Jen at 5am twice a week… #justsayin #buybulkandsave

    I am afraid I can only tell you what photobook makers not to use: Burblepix. When you find a good one, please let me know.

  12. Dear Mrs R,

    I’m a lot concerned you want to shave your face ?. Invest n your health and skincare rather. Get your iron sorted and before getting new kitchen counter tops, go by some well deserved facial products. I use Dermalogica, and yes outlay is expensive, but it really does last! After Matthew’s birth, my skin was horrific. Dry and looked lifeless. I got regimental on using products like they should be and bought 2 eye creams {will whatsapp them too you}. Intensive eye repair has saved my eyes!!!

    PS: My gynae told me 18 months to 2 years … That’s what it takes 85% of women to bounce back after being pregnant.

    Add strength training to the cardio and the results will come. Take the timeline pressure off.

  13. Hi friend,

    Great post, as always.

    So I’m not so clued up on all the decor stuff, but I can give you some advice on the below:
    – We used BurblePix to create our photo book, and it was really easy to use. It’s an online platform that has a bunch of templates to choose from and was quite reasonable. A good option if you want to do it yourself.
    – Eye fillers – I don’t know about, but I do know that The Body Shop has got some amazing eye products in at the moment. I use their non-perfumed gel that is amazing.
    – I had the same problem after training for 70.3(s). I was fit but didn’t feel toned or have much definition. When I started doing yoga more often it really toned my body and I am MUCH stronger than I have ever been. I prefer it to pilates because it is less concentrated and I feel it provides a better workout. I am teaching (unofficially) at my house on a Tuesday at 5pm (a mix of practical yoga sequences and body conditioning exercises), so the invite is always open to you 🙂

    That’s all 🙂

    Hugs x

    PS: Will be cheering you on at 70.3!!

    1. I love the Body Shop products – will check it out! Thanks for the book recommendation, funnily enough, someone said not to use them – but I suppose we all have different experiences. yes, yoga is definitely the way to go – my physio says I have the weakest core of anyone she’s met so just that alone will help. I’ll contact you – Tuesday classes sound fab x

  14. Hi Kate,

    I can help with the wood question- if it is inside it doesn’t have to be treated, but 1 layer of clear varnish wouldn’t hurt. If you want to keep the “wood look” then use a matte varnish, not a gloss. Another tip- don’t use fresh wood, as it shrinks. It’s best to use wood that has been sitting around for a while.

    You can use nice pine but there is not much grain on that. Saligna wood is better and is more cost effective- we used this for our wall behind our bar with this same look. You can also use Sleepers but that’s very expensive.

    You can contact Den for more technical info.

    Good Luck x

  15. Ok, so I have no pearls of wisdom for the decor questions. As for the photobook, I use: and I’ve been really happy!
    As for shaving faces? It’s a first for me and I must admit, I followed the links. I’m mildly intrigued… Will I try it? I’m not sure. If you do, you have to promise you’ll share it with me (even if it’s in a private message)
    You don’t need eye fillers, but I’m a firm believer that if you really want to and you’ve done shitloads of research, why the hell not!?
    Love the blog! x

    1. I tried the shaving… it made no difference and I don’t look like wolverine. hahaha!

      Eyefillers are defo on the Xmas wishlist…but first, nappies.

  16. Hey
    Awesome post and loved everyone’s comments ,lol.
    I’ve used myphotobook. Very simple and easy.
    I ditched cardio totally after having babies and do strength training with Scott at the yard. Quick results I found.

    My sister is s vegetarian and she does Banting. But more like low carb now after Banting for two years and reaching goals. So it is possible I’ve heard.

    Keep us updated ?

    1. Awesome, heard that the Yard is amazing! I’m also now doing a lot of strength and weight training, am so sore I can barely move my arms 😉

  17. I’m a bit late to the party. Recommendation on the wood wall, try those laminate floor planks that you get for your floors. They’re quite lightweight and eliminate the termite concerns. You’ll probably need to get the kind that you glue down.

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