{Win!} A Pampering Treatment At YouBar Salon

I was at the Doctor a few weeks back, and after the initial diagnosis (Bronchitis) he pulled me into a separate room and quietly said “but what you really need, Kate, are under eye fillers” while making me gaze at my haggard, sleep deprived reflection in the mirror.

So when YouBar salon recently contacted me to review and giveaway an anti-ageing facial, my immediate response was “yes please!”.

Confession time: I haven’t had a facial in over 10 years. In fact, when my son was born, every little luxury flew out the window. My beauty routine now consists of a monthly mass Veet (I pretty much cover three-quarters of my body in hair removal and hope for the best), borrowing my baby’s aqueous cream as a moisturizer and a manicure comes in the form of spilled beetroot juice that’s stained my talons. So, in my Doctors defense, I’m looking like shit, and in desperate need of some pamper time.

I’m also terrified of dead air, which means 90 minutes on a salon bed with just me and the therapist to shoot the breeze leaves me feeling nauseously nervous. Except, Floyd, the angel-sent-from-earth-therapist was just too amazing. She was confident, knowledgeable and completely put me at ease. She didn’t even judge me when I told her what products I was currently using (Vaseline, spit, Johnsons).

I had a !QMS Winter Anti-Ageing Treatment which was an hour and a half of pure bliss. I remember at the time trying to memorise the product names, but in all honestly all I can compare it to is ‘the most relaxed hour and a half of my life’. The !QMS range is incredible, and the treatments, combined with Floyds application, the head feet and hand massage and the warm room left me feeling amazing. And I’m not just saying that. I genuinely don’t know why I have waited this long to go for a facial, and if I can squeeze this into my budget I will definitely be making this a monthly thing (My kid doesn’t really need nappies every day, does he?).

Once the treatment was up and my skin felt as if a Unicorn had farted on it, Floyd walked me back downstairs to the salon side of YouBar (The treatment rooms are all located upstairs).There I encountered Utopia. Ladies sat side by side sipping on wine and having their nails done, products and bespoke jewelry pieces adorned the raw wood shelves, and the entire ambience was one of ‘come, sit stressed lady, drink and be pretty with us’. I was hooked.









The next day at work 3 people commented on my glow (and not in a “you‘re so pregnant way” in a “you actually look less hellish than yesterday”, way).

The good news is that YouBar are giving one Rupert Approves reader the same !QMS anti-ageing treatment that I had. The even better news is that YouBar knows that being a mom (or dad) a woman (or man) and a career person are not mutually exclusive, so they (unlike our friends at every other retail store) are open in the evenings , which makes it the perfect place for a post work pamper.

As an added bonus, YouBar is giving every Rupert Approves reader 10% off any full sized retail product when booking a facial. Simply quote ‘Rupert Approves’ and then give them the mystery handshake and door knock. I jest.

It’s so easy to enter:

  1. Comment on this blog and tell me why you need this treatment – you can also motivate on behalf of someone to win it
  2. Make sure you like the Rupert Approves Facebook page

The Tees and The Cees

  1. Winner will be drawn randomly
  2. Prize must be redeemed and used by 1 September 2016
  3. Winner must be based in Joburg or be able to get to YouBar in Joburg on their own
  4. Competition ends on Monday 13 June 2016

You can find YouBar online, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. tell them I sent you (because I REALLY want to be invited back).

Good Luck!

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  1. I am mom of a busy two year old little girl. Like you, pampering of any sort fell away the day madam arrived. I have had the same colour nail vanish on my toes for 3 months… I never have a spare moment for me time.

  2. Why do I need such things do you ask? I work weekdays, nights, weekends and public holidays. Do I get paid for such things? Not exactly, actually not at all. It’s all in the name of being a medical student (doctoring will all be worth it in the end right?). A rewarding but not very well paying job. So between the lack of sleep and serious lack of funds – my skin (and eye bags) could really use the help. Thanks again for a wonderful blog. It definitely makes morning morbidity and mortality meetings much more fun.

  3. OMG.. pick me.. I haven’t slept in 3 days as my son (aged 4 going on 30) has got gastro. Need to look at myself in the mirror and remember what I used to look like 4 days ago 😉

  4. I need the YouBar Anti-Ageing Treatment one because I fall into the bracket of needing Anti-Ageing ANTHING! Two because it is just what I need to make me feel good on these dry, autumn days

  5. Ummm without a doubt this looks like the most amazing little pamper paradise i have EVER seen. I can relate to all little luxuries going out the window as paying for my wedding means I haven’t seen nail polish or face cream in months! This would be so great to have before my wedding day!

  6. Does baby vom count as facial product? I hear … erm, other sorts of bodyily fluids have extra protein in them, so why not baby vom, right?

    I saved up for 3 months to buy Dermalogica for my face because I was tired of my friends telling me how dry my face looked (no matter HOW much water I consumed, and despite lathering Elizabeth Anne’s baby cream twice daily). Only to then find out that Dermalogica doesn’t *actually* do anything for my bloody face at all. Like, nothing. And because I bought the BIG bottles (because the sales lady bullied me into doing it) I refuse to stop using it until every last drop is used up. Because that shit costs a fortune, and I’m Jewish now so I gotta watch these pennies.

    Anyway. Please make me win – I could use 90 minutes of nobody below waist height touching me, pulling my hair, biting my nose with their one tooth, etc.

  7. I was just commenting to a friend now on how mothering a VERY busy 14 month old has aged me ?. Not to mention that I’m closer now to 40 than to 30. This pamper sounds more than amazing and I have to say I’m slightly envious that your face feels like a unicorn farted on it because my sons farts are more my gig lately ??

  8. I’m a mom of a grumpy 15-month-old who isn’t sleeping well.
    And… about to be retrenched and trying desperately to find a new job.

  9. This sounds like heaven but I would rather want my friend to win this.They are trying to get pregnant and after numerous rounds of IVF and all that jazz still no luck. She definitely could use some pampering.

  10. I’ve been so stressed out at home, work… I would really do with a facial. With 3 kids, work, home, i could do with a pamper session.

  11. When your parents tell you that you need to stop spending time in the sun when it’s winter and ‘all those days playing netball at school and varsity really didn’t do you any good’, then you know you are looking haggard! I’d appreciate the facial more than you know and the chance to stop looking like a forty or fifty something Mom of two, and look like the thirty something mom I am?


    Besides life being so hectic with work, my auto immune diseases are weighing me down like a fat elephant and I need some serious timeout and pampering to make me feel good again.

    Plus I gotta look good for my man 😉

  13. Gosh! This would be amazing! Feel so run down, tired and stressed out something like this would definitely help this sista out! xx

  14. Oh wow pick me! Winter isn’t kind to my skin, I’ve just started a new job, and also it just sounds amazing 🙂

  15. Have not slept through the night in 3 months. Not even concealer & base cover my dark circles ? And it’s my birthday soon, so this would kinda be a great gift ?

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