Dear Google, Thanks For Making Me Look Smarter Than I am. (Plus, Win a Google Swag bag!)

I am never late. Truly. If punctuality had a face it would be mine. If Big Ben were to speak he would shout my praises from the rooftops. It’s who I am, and quite frankly, with all the technology available at our fingertips these days, it’s even more inexcusable to ever be tardy again.

And by technology, I mean Google. Not only does it get me everywhere on time with Google Maps (except that one time, last month, when I decided to try another ‘GPS’ device and instead of going to Houghton – my intended destination, it sent me to Melville. And I was 90 minutes late for a meeting…with a brand new client. I’ve told you I’m never late, right? Lesson learnt).

Google has also diagnosed my illnesses – no, you’re not dying, you just have a head cold, pre-empted pretty much every baby question I have ever had, and given me recipes to 90% of my meals.

I Google everything.

Now don’t tell anyone, but what I use Google the most for is when generating finance documents for my clients. I work on fee structures, and every client has a different rate. Now, I’m good at many things but ‘percentager worker outer’ isn’t one of them. So, when my sister in law (accountant) isn’t available, I turn to Google for all my finance related queries. The poor search engine dives deep into the realms of science and maths and answers world important questions such as “what is the percentage difference between 506400 and 405000” (FYI – its 21) and “How to work out 15% of a spend amount”

So there you have it. My big Google secret. Next time you receive a cost estimate from me, and marvel at the mathematical magic on said piece of paper, just remember that it was all thanks to Google.

I don’t feel bad – even Isla Fisher in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ had to rely on Google to get her job done

So, now that I’ve told you my Google Story, it’s time to tell me yours. And in return we might just reward you with something money can’t buy – a Google Swag bag, valued at over R5000, consisting of the following:

Your story might also be featured in Elle magazine.

How To Enter:

  • Share your Google story (How did Google help you land that job, meet that special person, learn a new skill or save you from embarrassment) with me via Twitter (@KateKearney) Facebook ( or Instagram (@KateNicoleKearney).
  • 300 characters or less, please
  • Make sure you use the #MyGoogleZA
  • I’ll pick my favourite and announce it here as well as on the Rupert Approves Facebook page
  • You have to be 18 or older to enter, and must have agreed to our Ts and Cs found here
  • Entries close on 16 May 2016


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