Following 'THAT' Fat Post – A Little Update.

Five days ago I posted this, and the response has been incredible. Turns out, I’m, not the only woman who hates the way she looks and feels naked. Turns out there are a ton of ladies in the same boat (mom, non-moms, young ladies, older ladies and even some men!).

Being accountable on this blog has meant I’ve really had to own this, which means if I let myself down, I’m going to let a lot of you down as well.

So, while I may only be on day 5 of ‘New Kate’ its been quite a week.

  • I’ve cut out all alcohol (and plan on doing so until the 27th – because, birthday). Yes, alcohol includes wine. Have you ever?
  • I’ve started a Whatsapp group where like minded ladies share before and after pics, encouraging messages, post motivational pics like these below and basically talk each other off carbohydrate and sugar ledges, daily. If you want to be a part of this group pop me a mail with your number .
  • I’ve cut out all gluten, white carbs and sugar, which is easy most of the time, except when my child eats spaghetti in-front of me and proceeds to dangle it on his head like some sort of glory hat.spag
  • I’m exercising more and using my ‘off’ days to haul this saggy arse into the gym. I recently tried a ‘Shape’ class at Virgin active. Most fun I’ve had in ages! Also, I’m  so fucking stiff I wee standing up. That’s the sign of a good workout.
  • I’ve paid for and signed up the the SleekGeek Ultimate You challenge, starting on 18 January. I might break the Internet with my ‘before’ photos, but I need to win the cash prize to pay for Crossfit classes.
  • I’ve found an office buddy who is lovely and kind and a huge motivation for me. I adore our morning coffee chats where we both bitch and moan about our cellulite, but then actually do something about it.

I’m quite excited to share stories of kilograms and centimetres lost, and hopefully that will come (dear god, let that come) but in the meantime I wanted to touch base and let you all know – I’ve started, and that’s the most important step.

If you started on your personal journey this week as well, well done! If you haven’t, remember: A year ago you’ll wish you started today.

Cheers to you, soon to be skinny bitches!


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  1. Kate, I am totally with you!! I hate my body too, so much so that I don’t even enjoy sex anymore! My poor hubby:( I am starting my healthy eating / healthy living on Monday. Enough is enough. Please could you add me to the group. I would love to be motivated and motivate others. Xx

  2. well done on starting-it is the most difficult thing to do. I still struggle to get my ass to gym at times-but then when I am there I think to myself how glad I did get my ass into gear.
    I love the Karen Lamb quote-here I am 15 months later, 25 kgs lighter (few more to go) and a happier me! It’s a lifestyle change and one I will definitely stick with

    “Nothing tastes as good as thin”

    Hang in there….there are skinny gorgeous bodies waiting to emerge

    1. Totally! The hardest part is waiting to notice a change, but I think when you do it keeps getting easier and easier to carry on and make it a habit as opposed to it feeling like a chore. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My 10 year anniversary is in April so that’s my motivation. I’ve managed to enlist the help of an amazing trainer at my gym who has put together a plan for me, but it means I’m accountable which for me is the big one. It’s too easy to say, I’ll do it tomorrow because I’m busy as hell but if I have to check in with someone it’s different. I’ll drop you a mail with my number for the whatsapp group 🙂

  4. Great, motivational post! I’m in! This December (actually since November) was so bad! I just couldn’t stop eating! I’ve put on 5kgs since April and I can’t stop it! Would love to be kept ‘accountable’ and share some gees!

  5. Yay!!! Well done friend, so so proud of you! your post hit home with me so I’ve decided to get my ass into shape too! Please reply to this so I can send you my number to be added to the chat… It wouldn’t work on the link above x

  6. Hi Kate! I have hated my body my whole life! I sometimes lose weight and then gain it again. I have another 10kg to lose post baby myself and am going at it on Weigh Less. It’s working well and usually does for me. One thing though, sometimes after having a baby one’s thyroid gets a little underactive and it may help to have it checked. If it is, it’s VERY hard to lose the weight without taking thyroid hormones. Well done on all the hard work and good luck! Oh and my birthday is the 28th:) Enjoy the wine then:)

    1. Hi Roz – Im going to give it a month of clean eating and training then make a call on the thyroid – I know so many women who have this issue. Fabulous that Weigh Less s working for you 🙂 happy birthday for the 28th!!

  7. Well done Kate!! 2 years after baby and I’m still struggling to get rid of those last few kilo’s…started going to classes at the gym has really helped get me going! Shape is great but 24 and The Grid are my favourites! Good luck with the rest of your journey!!

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