WIN A Four Week Baby Reflexology Class

Maternity leave. A time filled with long lie ins, serene walks in the park with your sleeping baby, and endless cuddles.

Atleast, that’s what people think.

In reality, maternity leave is the most manic, chaotic 16 weeks of ones life, with very little time to actually get anything productive done. In between all the washing, cleaning, burping, feeding, rocking, crying, eating, sleeping, farting and second-guessing, it’s extremely important to actually get out the house and do things with your new baby (and oh-boy – have I done my fair share! – more on that coming soon).

Cue: Baby classes. Oh, sweet baby classes. Possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread Magnum wine bottles. Baby classes give the new mom the perfect opportunity to explore a world beyond vomit stained leggings and bottle sterilisers. They are also the perfect place to meet fellow vomit stained legging wearing moms and discuss everything from engorged boobs to post baby sex life.

If frequent flyer miles were awarded to attendees of baby classes, then I would be the proud recipient of a round the world trip by now.

One of the courses I attended was a 4 week Baby Reflexology Class, held at The Bub Hub in Broadacres. (Disclaimer – don’t ever go to the Bub Hub unless you are mentally stable enough to receive debt counselling. You might even consider selling your baby to buy all of the things they have in store)

Hosted by Sarah Vorster (she calls herself a ‘Therapeutic Reflexologist, Pregnancy Massage Therapist & Doula’ but I like to call her a ‘Magical bearer of wide smiles and cupcakes’). The classes were awesome – Over the 4 weeks we covered aspects such as colic, calming and comforting, wellbeing, teething pain, blocked ears and ailments. Apparently, the actions work just as well on humans as they do on babies, so I chatted to Sarah about finding the pressure point to win the lottery, get a full nights sleep and fix my Telkom line. I’m still waiting for her reply. It’s probably still pending due to Telkom issues.

baby reflex

Sarah was fantastic with the tiny babies, but it was how she handled us adults that really blew me away. There is no bigger baby than a new mom working on 18 minutes of sleep. She handled our farting, crying, laughing, napping and feeding offspring with the grace of Kate Middleton. Bless you Sarah for not judging me when I came in one day one after a ladies night, child in one hand and a litre of coffee in the other.

So, whilst I may not have learnt how to save the world using 5 toes and my finger, I have learnt how to squeeze a big toe in just the right way to alleviate Carters distress. And that, my friends, is priceless.

I’m so excited to be giving one of these courses away to a new mom! You can also enter on behalf of a mom who you think would love to win a 4 week course with Sarah.

The winner can pick from one of the following courses starting on the following dates:

2 September @ Simply Expecting Pilates in Illovo

18 September @ The Bub Hub in Broadacres.

All you need to do to win is tell me where on the big toe is the pressure point for turning water into wine.

I jest.

To enter:

  1. Like Boho Mamas on Facebook
  2. Follow Rupert Approves
  3. Comment on this post and tell me if you want this course for yourself, or a friend, and which class you would like to attend

Don’t forget to share this post and tag any friends who you think would like to enter!

Good Luck!

Masseuse massaging little baby girl's foot, shallow focus BR 1 BR 2   

BR 8

BR 4

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Ts and Cs

  1. This competition ends at 7 pm on Thursday 20 August 2015
  2. All entrants must check the blog post for the winner announcement
  3. Competition rules must be adhered to in order to win
  4. Prize is not redeemable
  5. Winner must be available over the selected dates
  6. Winner must make own travel arrangements

PS – You may have noticed the new Rupert Approves logo…. a massive thank you to the superbly talented (and dad-to-be) Don from Front Sky Media. If you need equally awesome design things…erm…designed, then check out his Facebook page or email him on


Congratulations to Kerry Scott on winning this prize! Please pop me an email to so we can arrange your course 🙂

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  1. Oh my word Kate! This is SO awesome!

    Thank you so much! You write so beautifully! Thank you for this, it really is very special to me ❤️

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  2. Hello. I would like to win the Broadacres one in September please so that I can find out which toe to press that stops the vomit button and also to learn where the activate sleep switch is. I will fit these classes in between all my cuddle time, baby gazing sessions and thrice daily naps. Thanks.

  3. Hi Kate! I would love to win the course. I am an expectant mom due early September so it would be perfect for me to come to the 18th September course. I really need to find other new mommy friends as I don’t have any with newborns- figured from your blog bub hub is the place to do just that!! Thank you for keeping us entertained- your blog is fabulous. Xx

  4. Oh my, would absolutely love to win this prize – am obsessed with any sort of holistic treatments for my little one on the way. First baby = information overload, way too much googling for my own good, and a super serious case of having all the gear and no idea 🙂 And nothing left in the bank account after all the “necessity” purchases either…I would love to win the 18 September course at Broadacres pretty please. Great blog by the way, have just started following (initially as instructed, now by choice) and really like your relaxed, honest style 🙂

  5. What a fabulous post and blog. Viva baby classes, a friend from prenatal prep told me about this. My boy and I would love to attend the Illovo classes at the start of September.

  6. Wow what a fab prize! I would love to win this for myself. Hopefully there’s a pressure point for good latching! Any venue will be fine but if baby has to be older than 4/5 weeks then Bub Hub will be better timing.

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