Win a Photoshoot Valued at R2500!

“Please take a photo of Carter and me”.

This is something I ask my husband atleast once a day. Why? Because I have no photos of my child and I together. (slight exaggeration, but you get the point). I am always the one snapping the hundreds of people holding my baby, and capturing those tender moments between him and someone who isn’t his mother. I must have several thousand photos of my husband with the kid, and a few thousand more of my dogs, grannies, friends, friend’s kids and friends babies with my baby. Hell, even my domestic worker has her own album on my iMac.

Every now and then my husband does remember to take a photo. Unfortunately it’s generally at 5 am when Carter is lying in the bed next to me, when there’s dried snot on my cheek, my face is puffy and lined from sleep, and I look like this:



It may be the wannabe photog in me, but there are atleast a dozen moments throughout the day when I’m perfectly posed for a pic. TAKE MY PICTURE YOU IDIOT I want to shout as I’m lovingly gazing into my baby’s eyes, he’s gazing lovingly back and there are fucking violins playing in the background. But no, unless I ask someone nicely to snap a pic, it wont happen, and even then the moment is undoubtedly lost when I get a forced “Ok look up at the camera and say cheese!’.

So, it is with muchos excitement that I’m running this competition on my blog. This one’s for all the moms who took the time to wash their hair and apply makeup in the hopes that someone would snap their pic of them and their baby…and then were asked to hold the camera and take a photo of someone else.

My good friend – and photographer extraordinaire – Clair Fraser from Fraser Photography (you may remember her for our engagement shoots) recently did a photo shoot with me and Carter (and the dogs, but they are incredibly needy, so I’ll let that one slide). I adore these pics so much, and just love how Clair is with the babies behind the scenes. Carter had an absolute blast, and to thank me for it he delivered a gigantic poonami from hell later that day, but I digress.

Clair has kindly offered to giveaway a photo shoot, valued at R2500 to Rupert Approves readers. And if you’re anything like me, then luxuries like personalized photo shoots are almost impossible given the price of nappies, formula and wine. Three vital things needed when raising a child.

Even better – the shoot isn’t limited to a newborn – it can be anything from maternity to a family lifestyle shoot. So, if you’re feeling bad because the last time you updated your family album was in 2012 using an old Instagram photo, then this is the competition for you.

I know you’re busy (washing your hair and putting makeup on and all that) so entering is really simple. All it takes is 3 easy steps:

  1. Follow Rupert Approves.
  2. Like Clair Fraser Photography on Facebook.
  3. Comment on this post and tell me what shoot you would like to win (Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Cake Smash, Toddler or Family Shoot)

The winner will be drawn and announced this Friday (7 August) at 7 pm.

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 The Ts and Cs

  • Winners must make their own travel arrangements to and from the studio, based in Fourways, Johannesburg.
  • Prize is not transferrable
  • Prize must be redeemed before 30 November 2015
  • Photoshoot categories are limited to: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family and First Birthday Cake Smash
  •  Entrants must abide by competition mechanics listed above in order to qualify


Congratulations to Mellissa who has won this amazing prize! To everyone else, thank you entering. Clair from Fraser photography has kindly offered a 10% discount to everyone who entered – simply quote the word ‘Rupert Approves’ when booking your shoot through her. The discount is valid for any shoot until the end of the year.

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  1. Love to win a baby or family shoot. I have 2 boys, Jamie (4) and Jesse (8 months). Love them to have gorgeous mom pics to brag with when they are older, instead of the ‘troll under the bridge’ ones they currently have ???

  2. Oh my goodness Kate a Toddler or Family shoot would be amazing!!! I am desperate to have some awesome pics with my little one, as you say its always her with other people. hehe

  3. I would love to win an infant photoshoot. He is only 3 months old, but so cute, it must be recorded for posterity 🙂

  4. I’m so excited about this competition. I’d love to win this as I totally have the same issue in having a husband who takes very thpecial photos of me and Aiden where I get to show off ALL my chins. I’d love to have a newborn shoot 🙂

  5. I would love to win the Baby or possibly family photo shoot (for my wife and son)… Cause I’m also the arsehole that takes photos at the worst time :/

    I don’t know they all such great options!

    ….Although Ethan does turn 1 in November… Tell you what should I win I leave it up to my boss to choose 🙂

  6. A Family Photoshoot please! I have twin girls and even trying to take a selfie is an unsuccessful task because you need both hands and then there is NO HANDS Free to hold a camera. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some family photos of the FOUR of us and not JUST mom or JUST dad in the photo with the girls.

  7. i can totally relate to your story. am aways asking hubby or helper for pics of our baby boy, yet they have a lot with him, taken by me of course. loving the pics above! Am thinking, ‘baby cake smash’, but maybe that’ll be too late as he turns 1 only in December. So a “Family Shoot” would be perfect 🙂

  8. I would love to win a newborn shoot, My daughter is 3 weeks old and changing by the day so I would love to capture some memories of how small she is before she grows too quickly.

  9. Beautiful photos. My little boy is due next month. I’d love to have a photo shoot with him, hubby and me as a new family ?

  10. Would love a family shoot to bring everyone together after some hard times we’ve been going though. And would have to include my fur children as well ?

  11. I would absolutely love love love a family shoot or should i say single mommy shoot with my 8 year old son. I have never had the funds to do a shoot and to have some awesome pics of me and my boy would be fantastic!

  12. Well, I don’t see a closing date. But my little will be 1 year old in about a month. I was just wondering how much a birthday/family shoot would be just before the actual date. This would be a wonderful opportunity.

  13. Oh goodness what perfect timing! Would love a newborn / family shoot. Baby is due in sept ? ps I’m not on fb but have checked her page and liked it off my sisters fb account ?

  14. Hi – We would love to win a family shoot – Kids are getting bigger and having pictures professionally done will be fabulous!

  15. To do list…

    Follow Rupert Approves blog… Tick. Like Claire Fraser Photography Facebook page… Tick. Leave a comment on the post… Pending…

    With our first baby girl expected on 20 November, what perfect timing for a new born shoot! Busy juggling work, handing over budgets, missing out on a trip to the States all in the name of being a multitasking, business woman, loving wife, supportive Aunty and mom in the making. All the ‘to do’ lists in the world won’t prepare me for what is about to pop out the oven in November and winning a photo shoot will just be one more thing I can tick off the list.

    Leave a comment on the post… Tick. Whew!

  16. Wow I would love to win this as my daughters first birthday is coming up and we would love something professional as like you it’s always hard juggling photos and babies 😉

  17. We would be totally cuffed to win a family shoot! Been busting to get it done and your photos by Clair are fabulous! Thanks Kate for this opportunity xx

  18. I’d love a photoshoot with my teenage daughter. She’s growing up way too fast and will only look this innocent for a short while.

  19. Would love a family shoot! Boys growing so fast and worried that I will blink and Mason will be 5 and Travis 10 ❤️

  20. We would love to win a newborn or baby shoot, hubby is no photographer so we would never get any great pics of my new baby and I if we don’t get someone else involved, this would really be fabulous!

  21. Ah Kate I absolutely love ur blog and can relate to almost all ur posts ! I know Exactly how u feel about the photos and have now resorted to selfies ! Lol ! I would love a family shoot with my little models !

  22. Never been one to enjoy getting their picture taken but since my little boy came into our lives I have a million pics of him with everyone else but me! The women that tends to his every need so I would love to win a newborn shoot with him.

  23. I couldn’t agree with you more Kate!! My hubby does not get it either. I have loads of Connor and Darryn together but none of us as a family or some stunning ones of me and Connor. I love your blogs, they are very entertaining?

  24. I adore this post, it’s always like that. Everyone gets a pic and Mom who is the most important stays in the back round.. ha ha. I would love to have stunning pics done of our little princess for the “Baby Shoot” 🙂 Looking forward to seeing my name on the 7th August.. ha ha

  25. I would absolutely LOVE a family shoot. I have lovely photo’s of my husband and I from our wedding (almost 6 years ago) but would adore a family shoot with our rainbow baby Hayden. He is the light of our lives and I do document (almost too much) him on my Iphone with him and his daddy, just him and horrible Mommy and me selfies (I can relate to the wrinkles and double chin, trying to hold a 3 month old and snap a photo is almost comical. 🙂 Would love to have beautiful photo’s of our little family to keep forever.

  26. I raced to Facebook to like Clair’s page only to see I am already a follower! (baby brain) – my little boy is 8 weeks from making his debut and I have yet to do a maternity shoot or arrange a newborn shoot. Such a prize would absolutely be suited to us.

    PS. that diaper is too cute! I must have some of those for baby Jared

  27. Love reading your blog ao real? and funny. Do I comment on fb to enter into the competition? Couldn’t find the page thanks

    1. Hi Katherine

      Thanks so much!

      The info to enter the blog is in the blog post itself – you. Red to follow Rupert approves, like fraser photography on Facebook and comment here by telling me what shoot you want to win

      Good luck!

  28. Hubby and I are expecting our first Baby in December and this prize would be the perfect way to memorialize this pregnancy. Clair’s pictures are gorgeous and we’d love her skill put to use for our new little family!

  29. The Cake Smash shoot sounds super fun! We’ve just had our 3rd little boy and have been married 10 yrs today! A time of gratitude and celebrations!

  30. Ooh pick me! I’d love a maternity shoot, because you know how expensive those are and getting ‘baby ready’ is a task all on it’s own. We’re expecting our first in November so this would be an awesome treat. We promise to think about naming the baby Clair if we win (yes that’s an outright bribe!)

    PS: That last pic, he’s definitely your baby lol!

  31. Ahhhh… Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    I’d love a family shoot… There are so few photo’s of us as a family because there is never anyone around to take the snap!

  32. Would LOVE to win a family shoot- when else can all three of you make it into the frame without the awkward selfie arm!

  33. Toddler or family shoot. Been promising the grandparents for 2 years that we’d add a picture of Adam to their grandkids photo collection 😉

  34. Family or toddler shoot please 🙂 Been promising the grandparents a professional photo of Adam to add to their grandkids’ photo collection for 2 years now…

  35. Would love to win a photo shoot. Husband is a photographer but we never seem to be on the other side of the lens ?

  36. Baby please!

    I totally get this. Have a thousand pics of my little girl on my iPhone and I’m lucky if a handful of them include me. She’s going to grow up, look at her photos and think I’m an absent parent. (Let’s face it, she’s not going to remember a thing about her mommy being her milk truck

  37. Baby please!

    I totally get this. Have a thousand pics of my little girl (7 weeks) on my iPhone and I’m lucky if a handful of them include me. She’s going to grow up, look at her photos and think I’m an absent parent. (Let’s face it, she’s not going to remember a thing about her mommy being her milk truck, or middle of the night bestie)

  38. Baby! Would love to do a shoot with Jordan. Had really bad baby blues and cancelled my newborn shoot now he is 7months and just have the photo’s I have took

  39. Please please can I win this fab prize, I’m so blessed with a beautiful redhead angel and would love a family shoot?pick me pick me pretty please

  40. I will be so thankful to win a family shoot as I realized with a shock that my baby almost turns 1 year old and we have almost no family pics. Time is just flying by way too quickly!

  41. I Would love to do a Maternity shoot – Little Ava is Due on the 17th December. Our First Baby princess – we are so excited and would love to capture every moment .

  42. I would love to win a maternity shoot. I’m due 30 November with our first miracle baby. Thought for a while we might not have a lil one so would love to capture this special time ♡♡

  43. I would love a baby or family shoot with my miracle baby! !! Im havibg the same problem where I don’t have any photos with my baby girl except for birth and 2 nb photos. Really need to capture these precious moments.

  44. Honestly I would love a shoot where I am part of the photos. With My son (3) and daughter (3monts). It’s actually all I want is to have photos of us lol.

  45. Having just come through a divorce, I have loads of empty photo frames to fill. I would kill for a “new family photo shoot” with my baby Charlie (Golden Retriever) who has been my faithful, loving companion throughout this process! ?

  46. We would really love to win a family shoot. as we haven’t gotten chance to do so since my little girl was in and out of hospital and now she’s finally healthy!!!

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