Blog A Day Challenge – Why Do You Blog – Day 3

Why do I blog?

I guess I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to say and found that Twitter was too short and Facebook too generic. Even when I worked in radio at Highveld for 5 years I felt like I never really had freedom of speech. Listen closely to 94.7 and you will soon pick up (if you haven’t yet, ‘cos all my readers are smart) that the DJ’s content pretty much consists of punting station promos, lineups and Primedia related things. Yawn

I am also interested in a lot of things – from finding pyjama pants that don’t ride the crotch wave every night, to cooking a gourmet meal, to reviewing the ultimate foundation, from running a PB 10 k to a DIY project and everything in between. This blog allows me to have my own personal soapbox from which to spew my 10 cents worth.

The beauty of it, is that you don’t have to follow me or read what I have to say. I’ll love you less, but that can’t be helped.

My blog is an outlet for my ramblings, my musings, my bitchings and my thinkings. I love how its taken off (and by taken off,  I mean its like a new born pigeon daring to venture out of the nest to take its first poo) but still, it’s getting there.

I blog, because I love it and because I have been so overwhelmed by some of the nicest feedback and comments from random strangers. I’m always shocked (and oh so pleasantly surprised) when someone comments or likes a post – truly, you guys seriously know how to make a gal feel good).

So, thanks for reading, and thanks for staying around despite some of the utter crap that happens on here.

Love you long time.

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  1. I love blogging. It’s so addictive!
    I was wondering if I could include some of your words in a book I’m working on where real people who write share about writing. It’s to inspire people to write. It’s very visual with pictures of writing spaces and tools. So far 100 people are part of it and I’d love to include you. This is what I’d love to include in the section on blogging: ‘I guess I’ve always felt like I’ve had something to say and found that Twitter was too short and Facebook too generic.’
    Your name, age and location will be included and all credit goes to you.
    All good if you want to decline, just thought I’d check.
    Kind regards, JD

  2. I absolutely love reading your blogs Kate. You are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs Shelley

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