A Blog A Day Challenge

I’m a big fan of Instagram’s ‘Photo A day’ Challenge. If you don’t know what that is – it’s a list of 30/31 words put together which you have to take a pic of and post that day. it’s a great way to keep those creative juices flowing and find inspiration in every day occurrences. 

The other day, whilst browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a ‘Blog a Day’ challenge. Same concept – use that days title and write a blog post on it.



Some are silly, some are easy and some are fun – but either way I thought it would be a fun challenge to try.

I start tomorrow.

Have any other bloggers ever tried this or are going to attempt to do this with me?

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  1. This is so cool Kate, and I’m really digging your posts. Rate I’ll give it a try. It’s a cool way to find things to blog about! Sometimes I’m all like “ooooh, maybe I should blog about that?” and my mind instantly tells me it’s too deep and too boring for a blog. I should stop doubting myself. I’ll be jumping on your bandwagon! 🙂

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