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The first 5 day week in ages and we’re all feeling the pain. I don’t know about you, but this week has been revolting. Work deadlines, traffic madness, lack of sleep and a fine for an expired licence disk on my car have left me very grumpy.

The only cure for grumpy Kate is retail therapy. Luckily for me the kind folk at Forever New have given me a 30% discount voucher off anything at their stores. Lucky for you – they’ve given me an extra one which I am giving to one lucky reader.

To win, simply comment on this blog post. Bribery wont work, but you can try.

The winner will be announced on Monday morning. Good Luck!


Good Luck!

Ts &C’s

1. Voucher has to be redeemed at Forever New in Fourways Mall but can be used at any Forever New store in SA

2. Voucher valid only between 23 and 27 May

3. Voucher not valid on sale items or at Edgars stores

4. Maximum 20 items purchased per voucher allowed.


Congratulations to @RobsieM who has won the voucher – has chosen you to look fabulous with some new Forever New goodies 🙂 Please email me with your details –


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  1. I dont only want this prize…I NEED it. I have at least 6 weddings this year and could use a Forever New dress to wear 🙂

  2. I would love to win this, with all the price hikes this will definitely help. Lots of love you pretty woman you 🙂

  3. I totally need some winter wardrobe updating!!! Pick me please!!! I am in love with everything at forever new!

  4. The week has shat on my head and spat me out sideways. I won’t give you the details, but it started with me cleaning up my cat’s fecal matter from my Eqyptian cotton bedding. I also have a wedding coming up and nothing to wear because my bum decided to feed on my body’s stress. Help a sister out! 😉

  5. Gosh, this would be a DREAM prize! My wedding is a month away, and to think of all the cute honeymoon items I could buy from my fave store!! #holdingthumbs xxx

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