Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper

It’s hard think that just 2 weekends ago I was dressed in boots, scarves and a jacket. Sitting at my desk now its a muggy 30 degrees, the air is thick with heat and Jozi is in desperate need of some rain.

This post, therefore may leave you terrorized as it involves hot and spicy food – not exactly appropriate for the heatwave we are experiencing!

As you may now, I love cooking. As you may not know, I despise cooking prep – chopping, peeling, dicing and slicing. I always have. Then, like an answer to my prayers I was sent the most incredible tool (cue the sounds of angels singing) – The Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper – a device which promises to take the stress and admin out of home-cooking. Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought I would give it a true test a few weeks ago on a particularly cold Saturday. Currently on a Paleo detox and craving comfort food I though that making something yummy on my Jamie Oliver Home-cooker would be the perfect experiment. 

Ooh, shiny.




This thing looks daunting – like a big silver cooking machine. Turns out, it couldn’t be simpler. You simply adjust the turny-thingy, chuck in your food, adjust the temperature, pop the lid on and then use your free time to do something worthwhile (In my case it was catching up on The Kardashians, don’t judge). It also chops, peels grates and all that time-consuming stuff.

I’ve now made several dishes on this bad boy (including soup, stew and a rather delectable lemon risotto). The most recent meal I made was this spicy (Paleo friendly) vegetable curry.

Step 1: Plug in your Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper



Step 2: Pick and choose a variety of vegetables and seasoning. I use fresh Indian spices and grind them in a pestle and mortar. 



Step 3: Admire your chopped vegetables. 



Step 4: Add onions, spices and coconut oil to your Cooker



Step 5: Add ingredients, set the timer, pop on the lid



Step 6: Go do something constructive while your food cooks itself



I ate the entire batch before I remembered I needed to take a photo. if I remember correctly the result went something like this: 



Thanks for turning me into a mini-Masterchef, Jamie!

The Jamie Oliver Home Cooker and Chopper (from Philips) is available at all good retailers as well as YuppieChef. It retails for around R4,595.

Happy Cooking!

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