The Guilty Bride Syndrome

I’m a guilty person by nature. I feel bad about everything!! Bump into me with your shopping trolley, and I will apologise profusely. Look at me and whisper to your companion and I assume you are judging my entire being. (Back fat, food in teeth and split ends included). Last week my car was keyed for no reason and I berated myself for days, wondering what I could have done to deserve it. Turns out it was a common occurrence in that specific parking lot, and I happened to be an unfortunate target. I had done nothing wrong, yet I assumed I had. I’m that person who smiles sheepishly at a waiter when the table next to me shouts from bad service, and then tips them extra when the payer isn’t watching

In November I got engaged. Cue happy tears, laughter, too many Facebook congratulations to count and a general feeling of euphoria. Which lasted for 48 hours. Within days of bouncing back to reality I had been told how awful wedding planning was by friends and acquaintances, told to keep everything wedding related to my private life by certain work people and treated like yet another cash injection by everyone ranging from venues to photographers and in everyone inbetween.

Because of this, 3 months later I have been too afraid to even start getting excited about my big day. When people kindly mention it I joke how I would rather elope. When someone shows an interest, I brush them off and say ‘oh gosh, it’s ages away, lets talk about you’ and when I realise that weddings are indeed a business and things get booked, fast, I tell myself there are a hundred other more imprtant things to focus on than A WEDDING.

Just yesterday I was talking to colleagues, (indulging in a few minutes respite from my desk during their smoke break. Amongst these trusted colleagues I brought up the taboo issue of my nuptials, mentioning the exorbitant price of the venue and all the homemade and DIY things I wanted to do to offset that. One of them (colleagues) mentioned – but that’s what your bridesmaids are for! Never! I exclaimed, having been a bridesmaid more times than I can recall – I would never ask them to get involved this early on. Then I clicked – why is it that I would put more hours and effort into my friends wedding than my own? Why do I feel guilty about wanting to plan a day which is all about me? I feel guilty about the attention, I feel guilty about people making me feel special for a change and I feel guilty that this event has sucked me in, and captured my attention.

I shouldn’t feel bad about wanting a beautiful day, a day filled with things I have planned, created and imagined. A day when Barry and I are surrounded by the best people in our lives. I’m a smart, grownup woman, capable of many things, multi tasking included. I can manage time better than Big Ben and even the ‘W’ word won’t turn me into a dithering wreck. This will be my day, and going forward I vow (pun intended) to ensure that when I smile at an idea or spot a dress I love, I won’t hate myself for not focusing on what other people want me to, but rather enjoy the experience. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?

Brides, fiancées and just those dreaming of your big day – I would love to hear your feedback on your experiences and emotions during this time of your lives.

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  1. KK – Michelle here from Oz-land!!! No, No, No – It’s your wedding day – the ONE day YOU get to do what you want, say what you want, look how you want, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU (oh, and Barry …….. just a little). How dare ANYONE try take that happiness away from you by asking you to “keep your nuptual planning” to yourself! Stuff that! If they are interested, tell them, and if they are not and you are talking about it, they can choose NOT to listen!!!
    Planning your wedding it NOT awful. Yes, it is expensive, and YES you have to do a fair bit of searching, but it is so worth it in the end. Don’t “not do something” because you ran out of time (or energy). Your bridesmaids may have time on their hands to help, offer to call around to find out things, or they may not. But use those people you trust and know who care about you and your wonderfully, happy day!
    Now, stop focusing on those 100 other things, and focus on your wedding! Do it!

  2. Hey its Tash 🙂
    I agree 100 percent with Michelle. This should be a lovely time for you. Yes with the costs and getting everythng organised it can be a bit stressfull. However this is a day to celbrate you and Barry. It should be a day that both of you will never forget and one that its everything that you dreamed of. Dont let other people ruin your enjoyment of this time in your life. We are all so happy for you both. I truly wish the most wonderful and perfect day for you guys and so much happiness. It should be a day filled with love, laughter,friends and family who you want there.I know you are going to be such a gorgeous bride 🙂 xx

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