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There is nothing I like more than free stuff, except free skin care products. Unless you know me personally, chances are that you dont know how (bordering on obsessive) addicted I am to cosmetics, makeup and skincare. I have been ever since I was very young, and if given the choice I would spend my last R100 on an eyeshadow, rather than a meal. In fact, I have a bookshelf in my bathroom filled with products.

I was excited then, to receive a surprise parcel from Isabella Garcia last month, filled with several generous trial samples of their new range of skin care. The parcel consisted of their facewash, toner, ultimate serum replenisher, exfoliating face scrub, 3 in 1 moisturising night cream, fresh solutions day moisturiser, revitalising mask and the ultra advanced firming up gel.


I have been using the products for about 3 weeks now (alas, they are almost finished) and I must say how impressed I am with the texture and consistency – particularly the day and night cream. I never planned on blogging about these products but decided to when I felt visibly sad that the last of my day cream had been squeezed out the tube. I went online to purchase some more products today (note: This is the only way to buy their range) however, before one is allowed to view the pricing of their products you have to answer a short skin survey, afer which they will email you a list of recommended products. Mildy irritating if you just want to view prices, but a smart move from them, and for you, as you will receive semi-customised skin care solutions.

I look forward to receiving said mail and finding out about the pricing of their products. I like to support local initiatives, and feel this is a worthy brand to look into.

Wishing you a good skin day!




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  1. Hey Kate, I also got a hamper from them. Very nice products. Have you received your price list yet? I’m still waiting for mine… if you got yours please forward to me.
    Tx Ild

    1. Nope, I also havent received a mail back and cant access the prices…not ideal and makes me want to hit the shops for another brand. A girl can’t wait forever for her beauty products you know 😉

      1. I received my free parcel but now I think I must wait for the price list before I get myself in something I can’t get myself out.

    2. Hi There. 🙂

      All their skincare products are R134 ea excluding delivery and VAT if you order online. 🙂
      Yes, Isabella Garcia is the BEST!!!! I’ve been searching for the “right” cosmetics for the past year, and finally found the one that made my skin go aaaaaaaaah when I apply it. 🙂 Hehe. Makes my skin feel super healthy and amazingly soft and beautiful. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve been getting since I started using IG.

  2. good day – I also received a free sample range which I don’t have much left off – still waiting for my supplies – its almost time for my first down payment of 8 – but still have not heard a word from them again! I would appreciate a call from a marketer to just fill me in on when my parcel will be delivered – and also your price list!!! thank you. Louise

  3. Ek gebruik die produk nou maar eers 3 dae en ek moet erken ek het na al die geld wat ek al spandeer het op produkte nog nooit so wonderlike verfrisende produk probeer nie.

    LOL… en om te dink ek het dit verniet gekry. Ek gaan na my proef tydperk beslis van die produkte aanskaf en dit my beste maatjie maak. Sal net graag n pryslys wil he.

  4. This product sounds amazing. So tired of trying so many products and never being totally happy about a product. Would love the try this product.

  5. I had no problem accessing their pricelist on the website, I think it is in a brochure form. Ordered my products and received prompt correspondence and my I received my hamper within a week of the order date. They contacted my today as it is about the time when my supplies should be finished and offered my another range of customized products at a special price and payment arrangements. I couldn’t be happier with their products and service. I hope you all “come right” as I promise you will never look back again. *Hugz*

  6. hi,my name Is Julia frim vereeninging,i’ve been using the pr.oduct for 3weeks now,i received samples,i am very impresive i would like to replace an order can u pls contact me with details.thank u

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