The January Resolution

I’m not a huge one for New Years resolutions as ultimately my ideas are too ambitious for my brain and I end up failing most of them before the month year is out. This is not to say that some resolutions aren’t valuable; a mate of ours has been waking her hubby at at 4 am every morning to go running (she’s been eyeing out those skinny jeans), a colleague has finally taken the plunge and decided to start his own company, another friend of mine has decided to do the Half Iron Man in 2013 (hopefully inspired by my buff bod in a tri suit hey Tash? – I joke) and Barry, my fiance has decided to start studying to further enhance his skill set. And to make loads of money and buy me shiny things.

All very do-able goals, and ones which I approve of. But what about me? I find lately I’ve become that person who gets home and grumbles about the bad stuff – traffic, deadlines, workload, horrible people and taxis and I’m beginning to think that if I had nothing to complain about, I wouldnt speak much at all. I realised that a resolution doesn’t have to be something huge – it can start with the smallest action. So, with that in mind, here are several of my 2013 resolutions that I would like to achieve and stick to, not only in this year, but for all the rest.

– Do one good thing a day. It doesn’t have to be donating a hefty sum to a charity, or volunteering your time at an orphanage – although thats really good), it can be something small such as replacing the toilet paper for the next person (I have a habit of folding the loopaper into a little triangle, hotel style), bending down to retrieve something that someone next to you has dropped, letting someone in, in traffic – even though you’re already late, complimenting a stranger on their perfume/top/smile. Returning your food purchase to the shelf when you decide you dont want it anymore, instead of leaving it the trolley, starting a conversation with the bank teller, even though you hate the bank, politely declining a telesales call or reminding a friend about another friends birthday (instead of wanitng to take the friendship credit for yourself). Not huge things, right? But all (hopefully) guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients face.

– Do something physical every day. I have realised, I am a grumpy b*tch when not full of endorphins, and even though it’s hard to hit the treadmill seven days a week, it’s not hard to walk the dogs, clean the house (jokes, thats very hard), play with a toddler near you (in a non creepy school drive by kind of way) or plant in the garden. Keep moving, Keep happy.

– Cook more (interesting and new dishes) then invite wonderful people to come over and eat them whilst drinking good red wine.

– Buy an SLR and learn to take magic photos. Then learn to edit them

– Learn design and actually make what I pin (personal PR – follow me on Pinterest here)

– Save money.

– Dont let bad habits rub off on me. Someone I know snaps at me when I make a comment or a suggestion. What do I then do? I snap back. I’m going to train myself how to smile and be the bigger person. I THINK THIS IS THE HARDEST OF THEM ALL

– Lastly, ask more questions, get more involved and be curious.


What’s on your to-do list for 2013?

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  1. It was totally due to your smashing bod in that sexy tri-suit 🙂
    …I can’t believe you fold random toilet paper rolls into the little triangles. hahaha!
    PS: We’ll definitely be inviting ourselves to some of your home-cooked meals, we’ll hold you accountable to that one 🙂

  2. There are many things on your list that i approve of. One thing I would like to add though. Loving myself enough to walk away from bad relationships. When the people you know knock you rather than inspire you. They should have left a long time ago.

    Your last year has left me very inspired. That i can now boast 30 days of no smoking and training for the impi challenge in October in cape town.

    Its not exactly a half iron man, but it will be mine. So thanks Lady!
    Aasia approves 🙂

  3. This is a list worth printing and sticking somewhere. But more than that Kate. Watching you last year at the dedication to your diet, even as you moaned about the toasted cheeses wafting past you. I didn’t think anything of it. I thought thin people “eh”
    I have since given up smoking and although it was tough but worthy exercise. I figured if I slayed one dragon I might try something else. I have decided to do the impi challenge in October in Cape Town. All because I saw you do the half iron man.
    Its not exactly a 70.3 but it might as well be.

    Thanks for showing me I can.

    Loads of love

    P.S I cry alot post a workout, but I am slaying another dragon.

    1. Thank you for this comment A, you have no idea how special it is to me, and how much I appreciate your words. I’m so proud of you for giving up on the smoking, and committing to Impi – have you read my post on that? 😉 You are so full of insight and praise and you have made my day, week and year with your wonderful-ness! X

  4. Brilliant resolutions and none of them impossible. Spend less so you can look after me in my dotage, I like that one a lot xx

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