BSG Triathlon Series

After months of training for each discipline I finally merged the three and took part in my first triathlon. It was the Hartabeespoort leg of the BSG series. The distance is what’s known as a ‘sprint’ (600m swim, 27 km cycle and a 5 km run)

I hated the swim and almost got out the water after having a mild panic attack. It was my first open water swim, and having several hundred bodies crash into you, pull you down and kick you while you battle to breathe is very uncomfortable. I walked/breaststroked most of it. the cycle was brilliant and I loved every second – it also helps when the route is fairly flat. Pity about the no-road closure as I found myself waiting behind some slower riders at times. The run felt like I was walking backwards in cement shoes, but I finished in a decent time. 

Swim – 15 mins

Bike – 57 mins

Run – 27 min

To overcome my fear of the water I’m taking part in another sprint tri this Sunday.

Less than 3 months to Half Iron Man!







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  1. Well Done, loved the comment about walking backwards in cement shoes. Doing your first open-water swim in a tri is a challenge especially if you not 100% comfortable in the water. The reason is obvious, its like a rugby maul in the water. Well done on finishing swim, and event.

    1. Thanks so much! I realise it’s not the biggest race out there, but it’s a small step in the right direction for me. Really nervous for a sea swim in Jan, but for now I will keep pushing through. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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