Texting and Dying … er Driving.

Not to go all Oprah on you, but stop it! If I have to drive infront/behind/next to (insert other preposition here) another idiot swerving off the road, swerving into my car, slowing to a crawl on the highway or wreaking havoc around him all while in a must-read-vital-bbm-update-or-I-will-die coma, I will physically drive your car off the road and high five you in the face. I will then take your phone and give it to the next homeless person I meet.

To be fair, I used to be one of those people, but I realised that it’s just not worth the risk while driving on our (already very dangerous) South African Roads.

By the way – this message applies to any driver who applies makeup, reads a paper, plucks their eyebrows, paints their nails or plays on their iPad while driving. How much of a doos will you feel like when you crash your BMW into a curb (or worse) simply because you just had to get that text message out.

If I’m not getting my point across., then maybe this video will. (Hey cynics, this actually happened in the UK)

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