Hello 2012!

I was really supposed to write this post in 2011, heading up towards 2012, but alas time got the better of me and I failed to do so. So, instead of writing a blog leading up to the new year, I’ve decided to write a blog looking back.

Its scary to think that exactly 10 years ago, after recently matriculating, I boarded a plane to Minnesota (Minesoooda for those familiar with their characteristic drawl) to go live and play for a year as a Rotary Exchange Student. I wont be writng about that year – that would be a whole book – but remembering those times have made me think a lot about what’s changed in the pst 10 years. Heres a few starting with the year 2002 ;

– In 2002 digital cameras were a scarce novelty, and the ones which were around had a camera resolution of 1.2 megapixels (which resulted in a grainy VGA type image, similar to those taken off the early cellphone cameras – which weren’t even around in 2002! I remember buying 35mm film for my camera and developing them at certain pharmacies and CNA stores.Afterwards, if you never inserted the new 35mm spool in correctly, you got no pics. Simple as that.

– Social networking sites such as Facebook or even Youtube didn’t exist – and the closest thing we got to seeing our mates online was Thunda.com, a website dedicated to snapping pics of people at nightclubs.

– Skype was not around – we relied on email servers such as Hotmail and Yahoo to communicate.

– We did not BBM, Whatsapp or communicate via anything other than traditional SMS. The only time I ever SMS now is to enter competitions, or to chat to my gran 😉

– Smartphones and Tablets were merely a pipe dream. The thought of touching the screen of your phone to activate it was unheard of – and a mobile device which could carry all your contacts, email, take photos and (gasp) videos, as well as locate you via GPS?! Impossible!

– Google maps only came years later – today we dont even blink an eye when calculating the distance from Rosebank to Rondebosch, or sneakily spy on our neighbours using Google Earth.

_ Speaking of Google, it’s only 12 years young! Can you remember a day when you didnt click on that almightly search engine to find the recipe for devilled eggs, or enquire how to build your own car?

– Again, speaking of cars, even though the movement towards hybrid and electric cars has been very slow to, ahem, take off, who would have thought that our friends would be building garages in 2010 with plug sockets big enough to charge their electric vehicles?

– Ladies, what did we do without the GHD? (Good Hair Days, long may they live!)

– Willow Smith was born in 2000. She will be 12 this year. She is richer than most of us combined. That will be all.

– At the end of this post I will be linking it to Twitter. Ah, what is Twitter the 2006 version of you asks? My point exactly. (FYI as of 2011 this ‘sms of the internet’ had over 300 million users.)

– In 2006 Amy Winehouse’ ‘Rehab’ gained international sucess. In 2011 she died. What did you do in the last 5 years to make yourself as notoriously infamous as she did?

– With human greed comes a severe impact on Planet Earth. By 2011 several species of animals became extinct, including the Baji Dolphin, the West African Black Rhino, the Golden and Holdridges Toad, the Spix’s Macaw and the Pyrenean Ibex. Dont assume that your future children or grandchildren will know what an elephant or whale is.

– The first official BluRay disk was released in 2006. I’m clearly several years behind and have yet to embrace that trend.

– I stumbled upon an episode of an old favourite yesterday, the TV sitcom ‘Friends’. Ah Rachel and Ross and all their…pixelation!? It’s hard to believe we watched TV that was so blurry and unclear for so long. We didn’t know any better until HD (High Definition) came along in 2008 thanks to Multichoice. Heres an article written in 2007 on a local tech site about when HD would be hitting our shores; http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/70573-How-long-till-South-Africa-has-HDTV

– Hands up if you haven’t embraced the eBook yet? Amazon think you should. They released their first generation Kindle in November of 2007, and it sold out in 5 and a half hours. The device remained out of stock for five months until late April 2008.

What items have I left off here that you can remember? I would love to hear your feedback!

Saying the word 'floppy disk' always resulted in school girl giggles.

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  1. Have you seen that image with a cassette and a pencil which says most kids of today would’t understand the relation between the two?

    I tell my friends all the time, we were really born in the dawn of a new era. Onward 2012!

  2. urrr I think Skype may not have been around but we had MSN [yes I used it to chat to family in Canda] as well as MySpace and mIRC and wow time has flown by.

    I only had my first official cell phone when I headed to campus in 2002, yes exactly 10 years ago. Official – well one which my parents handed me. 😉

    But I did have a life outdoors, more so than kids of today, me thinks.

    1. I didnt research everything, was really going on what I had available to me at the time so chances are I’m off with a few things. But yes, I remember MSN now! Still use it to this day 🙂

  3. And before we had real cell phones, we had an emergency phone that had to be plugged into the car to work. It was of course the size of our house phone (or the size of a brick) and sat in a big box underneath the car seat.

    I also remember as a kid our tv didn’t have a remote and we actually had to get up to turn the channel or volume up/down. I guess it’s a sign of laziness, but that sounds like the biggest pain in the butt!

  4. Hey Kate, what an awesome post! Its only when you look back do you realise how things have changed and how we take that technology for granted. A funny thing happened to us the other day. We used my dad’s car for something. Driving along, with the kids in the back, Ethan asked if he could open his window. We said it was fine, after about 30 seconds he asked us how to do it. Confused we asked him what he meant and he told us there was no button! Wahahahaha we had to explain to him how to wind a window down using the handle! The youth of today!

  5. I was instantly reminded of my honeymoon, where I hauled out my Rikoh KR5 and after hours in a blind, a pair of wild dog came down to the water hole for a drink.
    The female made a few yips and 5 puppies came charging down an anthill and they spent a good hour frolicking in the water and mud.
    My 35 clicks didn’t seem to bother them and after they trotted back into the scrub I felt I had material worthy of the National Geographic.
    Alas, I hadn’t used the camera for years, didn’t rewind the spool properly and exposed everything.
    If I could rewind ANYTHING in my life it would be that moment in time (and possibly take a sip of the Dom Perignon and a bite of the strawberries that were the picnic lunch)

    Brilliant blog – you’re born for this Kate

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