Masterchef Memories

Today I had the absolute privilege of meeting one of Masterchef Australias favorite – and most talented – contestants, Alvin Quah. Alvin is back in South Africa after his recent visit for the Good Food and Wine show.

The day started off fairly badly, and for a few hours I thought we weren’t goig to make it to the stunning Pick n Pay Good Food Studio. For those of you who live in Joburg, you will know what I am talking about she I say that the second it rains, we turn into absolute road idiots. Murphys law, the heavens opened last night, and the roads this morning was absolute carnage. It took two hours to arrive at the venue, but it was worth every second stuck in bad traffic.

I said to someone afterwards that even if Alvin had demonstrated how to open up a tin of dog food, I would have been absolutely enthralled. He is totally endearing, witty and personable, and at the end of his demonstration, he had the entire audience wrapped around his little finger.

Avin taught us how to make 3 dishes – starting off with a Bruised Salad, a Kung Po Chicken and lastly, my favorite, a Buddahs GardenSsalad. If you give me some money ask me very nicely, I may just share the recipes.

Despite the hefty price tag of R500, I even bought the Master Chef cookbook which is not yet available in this country. A bit pricey for a cookbook, seeing as I have the iPad app which I bought for several dollars, but this is Alvin, c’mon!

After the cooking demo, Alvin chatted about some of his favorite South African foods, including ‘Bunny Chow’ which he initially thought was a rabbit dish, as well as ‘potpie’, kudu and boerewors.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few Twitter friends – namely the foodie babe @MegPascoe, a fellow Kate @Kate_Elsand the fabulous @GourmetGuys

Alvin will be demonstrating for a few more days at the Good Food Studio, and I highly recommend attending one of his talks – you will come away inspired, enthralled, and a little bit hungry.

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