WIN With The Entertainer 2018

The first time I ever heard about The Entertainer was a few years back, when a friend had mentioned that it was her new favourite secret Santa gift to give at Christmas time. After doing some research, I could see why. It actually sounded a bit too good to be true – an app that qualified you for offers on the places you already frequented – two for one meals at tons of restaurants, and special offers and discounts at thousands of places from beauty and fitness to hotels and shops.

The first time we personally used it was at the now-closed Smile restaurant – it was a quick and easy process and since then I have been a really big fan of the brand.

2017 has come and pretty much gone and I don’t feel like we’ve used the offers enough – so I was really excited to be invited to the launch of the Entertainer 2018 this week and hear about all the new offerings for next year.

Having a kid and a baby on the way is expensive. There are days when I actually wonder how we can ever resume a normal life – once school fees, medical aid bills, food and clothing is out the way, we are pretty much left with money to cover the bare necessities – so luxuries such as restaurants other than Spur and niceties like going for a wax or having my nails done have gone right out the window. The last time I had my hair done? May. I look like I’m trying to bring the mullet back.

The event was awesome – and so nice to catch up with fellow bloggers. We were all treated to pizza, beer buckets and hilarious comedy at parkers Comedy Club (one of the venues you can find on The Entertainer) as well as an amazing goodie bag to take home. How are these travel mugs? I’m convinced I was their muse for this one.

I’ve spent a bit of a time in the last fe weeks reflecting on the year that was, and trying to decide on what I want to change in 2018. Not to be funny, but I genuinely want to start taking advantage of loyalty and rewards programs more. Everything from my Medical Aids Vitality program to my Banks ‘discount’ points and what the Entertainer can offer me.

So, in a declaration-slash-bucket-list-slash-resolution list I’m going to jot down just some of the ways in which The Entertainer app is going to make my life easier, more fun and help save me some cash dolla in the process:

Firstly, away with the unintentional ombre and 80’s rock hair. My hairdresser is already on the app, first win!

Being 6.5 months pregnant, I cant reach my toes, and therefore anything below my ever expanding belly needs to now be supervised by someone other than my well-meaning but functionally useless manicurist of a husband. A quick search of the app shows that theres a nail bar 4km from my house. Sorted



In exactly 3 months I will be giving birth, which means I will need to shed a sheet ton of pasta baby weight afterwards. I’ve attended several Switch classes and loved them, and now I see the Lonehill branch is also on the app. Sweet. Sweat.


It was our wedding anniversary last month and we didn’t go out because, well, I’m sober, and what’s a dinner without a delicious bottle or two of fermented grape? I told my husband I wanted to save a really nice night out for after baby was here – so he will be given the app and he can choose a lovely spot to wine and dine his wife (on the cheap).

Having an active toddler means I’m always on the lookout for places to take him. He will be three in May which means he will finally be allowed to go to Bounce – and I think I’m more excited than anyone. Boom, thank you The Entertainer. There are actually so many cool spots for kids (and kids at heart) on the app.



With a newborn, comes mess. Apparently I’m not the only one who needs one because dry-cleaners are-a-plenty on the app.



Every year we go on a girls weekend to a really local lekker place. I’ve blogged about these pics trips before. Every several years we go for a week and make it an International destination. We have gone to Zanzibar, Machadadorp, Rosendal, Clarens, Ballito and The Drakesnberg to name a few. So far we have our 2019 Overseas choices down to about 15 venues. Including Morocco, Bali, The Maldives and Mauritius. I am the most excited about the travel benefits on The Entertainer – because 20% discounts means more moola  for beachside cocktails…

These are just a few of my prime selections for 2018, using The Entertainer. The good news is that I am giving away one subscription to a lucky Jozi/Pretoria resident. The app is valued at R500 but will save you thousands in the New Year.

To enter, all you need to do is tell me the top 3 things you would use the most on the app – be it travel destinations, restaurants or excursions.

Leave your answer in the comments – the winner will be drawn and announced this Friday. For an extra entry into the draw make sure you follow my blog and share the link to my page and post on your wall.

Good Luck!

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To Thai For – Win One Of Two Experiences with Enmasse Massage!

Guys, I hardly ever do the spa scene. I am truly the most awkward spa-goer there is. Firstly, I always wear the wrong things, I feel completely lame in front of the therapist and I generally lie there as stiff as a rod wondering if my feet smell from the pumps I was wearing that day. Don’t even get me started on bikini waxes – when suddenly my cellphone becomes the most important thing in the world while the therapist pulls and yanks things that not even my husband has seen. So, it was with slight hesitation that I agreed to accompany some friends for a Thai massage this week.

I’m so glad I said yes though – because Enmasse is absolutely amazing. It’s not your typical spa – all burning incense and humming dolphins. It’s beautiful; dark, stark and minimalistic – with modern music, a tea bar and extraordinarily friendly staff.

CT Aerial People High Res

Assuming this would be the typical spa experience – where one emerges as oiled up as a Brakpan mechanic, I arrived suitably prepared with 3 day old unwashed hair. Awkies. One remains clothed and un-oiled the entire time. (Because, according to Enmasse, it’s not that kind of party). The massage process, for want of a better word, is neat and clean, there are no standing beds with head cutouts, instead the massage areas are partitioned off by white linen walls and patrons lie on the floor on fancy feeling duvets and pillows.

My masseuse, Thandi, was lovely – she didn’t even snort when I apologized for being fat. She simply made me feel totally at ease while she bent and manipulated every part of my body. I didn’t even worry about sweaty feet. Alas, the loser in me reared her awkward head at the end of the massage when Thandi left me lying on the ground. Do I wait here I wondered? Ya, I’m sure I wait here. So waited I did, as still as a plank. After 5 minutes with no return of the Thandi I started hissing for my friends. ‘Lauren!?” “Jasmine??”. “Guys?”. Eventually I stood up, only to find all the massage areas completely empty and made up. No sign of human life remaining. I skulked into the main parlour and found them giggling (not at me, they promised) on the couches drinking herbal tea, or ‘betrayal beverages’ as I now call them.

Check out their website for their offerings. They even do pre-natal massage which is something I desperately needed when I was preggers. Sadly, asking my husband for a foot rub didn’t quite do the trick.

So, even though I may have overstayed my welcome a tad, no-one made me feel uneasy. Not even when I dropped an earring under a chair and had half the staff on hands and knees looking for it. I am not kidding when I say I’m that person.

The fabulous owners at Enmasse would now like you to experience what I went through (minus the sweaty feet and awkwardness, of course). I’m giving away two 60 minute massages valued at R420 each.

Entering is easy:

  • Like Enmasse on Facebook
  • Follow Rupert Approves
  • Leave a comment on this post. Any comment will do, but I will be swayed by bribery of ‘You’re so pretty’ and ‘Gosh you look thin today’.

The Ts and The Cs and the thank you pareese.

  • Enmasse is located on Corlett Drive, Sandton. Winners must make their way to and from the venue
  • The competition closes at 5 pm on Friday
  • The prize is not transferrable
  • Competition mechanics must be followed in order to stand in line to win
  • I was only kidding about nice comments. Kinda.

As an added bonus. Enmasse is offering R100 off a massage for every Rupert Approves reader. Simply use the top secret code word ‘Rupert Approves’ when claiming and booking.

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The Rankin Honey Moon Part Two – Pangkor Laut

Known as ‘One Island, One resort’ Pangkor Laut resort and Spa is a tropical paradise nestled on a tiny island on the Straits of Malacca. Even though the island itself is 300 acres, only around 2 kms of the island itself have been used for the resort – which means it’s tiny, intimate and just perfect.

A Map of Pangkor Laut
A Map of Pangkor Laut

All passengers leave a dock in the town of Lemut – about a 4.5 hour drive from Kuala Lampur – and catch a 20 minute speed boat to the resort. Once there, you are captive and cannot leave – nothing wrong with that until you see the prices of the 3 available restaurants. Being a guest on the resort means you need to eat and drink at their restaurants and bars. In the first instalment of the Honeymoon series I mentioned how pricey alcohol was in Malaysia – but Pangkor took it to the next level with their fares and even food was ridiculously pricey. We soon adopted the ‘When in Rome’ mentality and decided to stop converting to Rands otherwise we would have ruined the 5 days spent there. But just to give you an idea – the cheapest bottle of wine was R600 (Douglas Green nonetheless) and the average main meal (Noodles, chicken etc) cost around 100 RM (about R350). A meal of seafood or something a bit more exotic would set you back around R700. Scary.


clear water

decorative flower beds


pool and sea villas

sea villas

villas on the beach

We stayed in the hill villa – a gorgeous suite overlooking the lush forest and ocean. Everything about this place was 5 star – from the service, to the food to the personal touches. After day 1 every staff member greeted us by name and the place felt like home.
The Island pretty much forces you to relax and enjoy – so this was the part of Honeymoon where would could kick back slightly and enjoy doing nothing. Except, Barry and I find it almost impossible to ‘do nothing’ so we found things to keep us busy.

The beach at Pangkor Laut is exquisite. On some days we were lucky to have it to ourselves. On nights when it rained though I was devastated at the amount of garbage that floated in from surrounding Islands. The rubbish tainted a lot of the trip for me – and even though they had cleaners every hour I still battled to get the image of pollution out of my head. I experienced the same thing on a trip to Mozambique last year – so I am just generally sensitive to the waste and pollution humans create. In all the resorts we stayed we were supplied with endless bottles of free drinking water – I’m sure this alone is a huge contributing factor the the ocean pollution.

arriving at the beach 2

arriving at the beach

kate bikini

jumping in the sea

walking on the beach

the beach

barry cocktail

On the second night we were invited to a ‘Welcome’ cocktail party at the resort. Here we took full advantage of the free flowing booze – just like every other guest there.



On one of the days we decided to take part in a Jungle trek (mainly to get some exercise in between all the food and beer). Armed with water and hiking shoes we soon discovered it was a mere 500 m trek through the island – which still took us over 2 hours as our guide was very thorough and very informative…it’s also about 40 degrees and 100% humidity which makes traversing through a rainforest somewhat tricky. On the lookout for snakes – as I had fund one the day before (a small harmless paradise tree snake) we soon realised there may be a bigger threat on the Island; According to Aris, our guide, wild boars had been swimming to the island and setting up camp there. Not overly concerned we carried on walking until we stumbled across a pack and happened to be in the middle of a mom and her baby. Our 7 day old wedding vows flew out the window as we made a mad dash for the closest area of safety. Later that day at lunch Barry missed standing on a black viper by about 1 cm while we were at lunch. Mass excitement ensued as our terrified water herded us away and called a snake wrangler.

Our guide showing us a hole from the wild boars
Our guide showing us a hole from the wild boars

black viper

On another day, friends we had met on the hike – Ziggy and Tim – managed to hire a speed boat and we all decided to head across to the Island of Pangkor for the day. The place was like a floating China Town – full of the tackiest buildings and tourist spots – a Donald Duck themed church included. Here we had lunch, bought beer and booze** to smuggle back into our resort and hired a pink minibus taxi to take us on a tour of Pangkor. Most places in Malaysia to me seemed ‘unfinished’ and Pangkor was no different – it’s a messy heaving colourful place filled with people, souvenirs and rubble. I love it.

** On buying booze – we found a 1 litre bottle of Vodka which we stored in water bottles to put the ‘pep’ in our Pepsis at the pool (don’t think us cheap – the average cocktail was a few hundred bucks!). The problem was that it soon became hard to tell the difference between the water bottles and the vodka bottles. One night, particularly parched I took several swigs from a ‘water’ bottle – and was smashed for the entire night.


barry reads a map in Pangkor

pink taxis


Pangkor Isnald Rubb;e

kiosk window

donald duck shrine

barry tim ziggy fish bridge


wild cat

The remainder of our 5 days on the Island was spent swimming, sleeping, reading, eating (think deep fried whole soft shell crabs), drinking (ice cold Tiger and Asahi beers), Spa’ing (just me and my Lomi-Lomi masseuse sent from the Hawaiian heavens) and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the area.

towels and jacuzzi

R600 bottle of wine

sea villas

nasi goreng

lying by the pool

Friends, this is also the place where I was introduced to ‘The Cronut’. A Cronut is the most delectable pastry – it’s where donut meets croissant and I could not get enough. I had one or 2 every single day. This photo is of my breakfast – cronut, capers and brie. Delicious right?

kates breakfast

kate with leaf

kate in black dress


kate and barry





buffet dinner

Breakfast with Mike and Linda

bat tree

at dinner

Next stop: Penang

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#KatesFavouriteThings – The Story of my Bachelorette

‘We started planning this a year ago’ Amy told me on the morning of my bachelorette – and I can believe it. Put three A type personalities in one room and you’re guaranteed that the result is going to be the best day and night. Ever. 

One of the things a bride looks forward to the most (apart from the obvious) is her hens party – it’s a day guaranteed with bubbly, friends, fun and spoils. My poor girls had a big challenge ahead of them though. I don’t enjoy nightclubs, I’m so tired of the Gatsby and Playboy theme and quite frankly, a plastic penis just bores me. I knew they had a challenge on their hands, but I was never worried, and it turns out rightly so – these gals know me inside out!

I was woken up to this ‘Love Actually’ moment by Barry. (Lies, I was already awake I hadn’t slept a wink!)

My 'Love Actually' Wake up message
My ‘Love Actually’ Wake up message

Knowing me so well I was greeted shortly thereafter by Amy with a cappuccino and a toasted sandwich as well as a beautiful dress to wear. We chilled and I got ready and then I was whisked away to destination number 1…

An art class with a hunky male nude! (sort of) 🙂

Art Class
Art Class

I loved the class – we laughed hysterically at the 21 year old model, clad in denim shorts and cheeky grin. I also love how, at 9 am, a breakfast of champagne is perfectly acceptable.

After the art class Amy took me to destination number 2 – while the others went off on a secret adventure. Destination 2 was The Life Day Spa and we indulged in some pedis and chill time around the pool.

Pedis by the pool
Pedis by the pool

Cue destination number 3 – the ‘main event’

The Arrival at The Fourways Farmers Market
The Arrival at The Fourways Farmers Market
Pretty ladies in sundresses and hats
Pretty ladies in sundresses and hats

More bubbly in my ‘Big Jimmy’

Hello Big Jimmy!
Hello Big Jimmy!
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Favourite Things
Kate's Favourite Things
Kate’s Favourite Things
Kate's Favourite Things
Kate’s Favourite Things
Mom and me
Mom and me
Grannies and me
Grannies and me
Lovely Ladies
Lovely Ladies

The venue, food, people, pressies and effort was amazing. Pity I was too excited to eat becasue the spread was a stomach ulcers dream – pickled everything, Cherry Coke, licorice, Skittles, Cheese, sweet sweet cheeses, champagne, Marmite everything, a popcorn machine and so much more.

That night we went back to my folks for sushi, games, Bloody Mary’s, tequila and a quick change before we headed out to mystery destination

#4… (cue a small amount of willy and naked men – cos, you just have to!)


The perfect party planned by 3 incredible bridesmaids, my mom and a whole bunch of helping hands!! A day and night I will never forget

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Chemical peel – it’s like giving birth from your face.

They say pain is beauty. They say right.

I went for my second chemical peel today and left writhing in such agony that I thought I had to share it with you, dear readers, for as they say – a problem shared is a problem halved right?

For those who don’t know, a Chemical peel involves walking into a Dermalogica and OPI scented spa, being greeted by a generally prissy owner slash receptionist. Then, while lying face up on a very comfortable bed, and drifting off to the sound of mating sperm whales and Enya a friendly beautician tells you to lie back, close your eyes and “just relax” before pouring what feels like volcanic larvae on your face. At this point my eyes are scrunched up like a newborn fresh from the womb, my fingernails cutting into my hands so hard I’m bleeding all over the Calibri towelled bedding and my face, is now on fire, literally. I’m convinced the red mood lighting is in fact the flames licking at the ceiling.

It’s at this point that the sweet beautician is possibly curled up in the corner of the room laughing hysterically at my screams and pleas to just “let this hell end and kill me now”. Maybe it’s sympathy or the sight of my tears ruining her perfectly applied death cream on my skin but she finally turns on an industrial sized fan (possible stolen from the inside of a Boeing 777) and blasts its coolness mercifully on my face. Finally, after what feels like a multiple birth sans anesthetic, the pain subsides and the fan gets switched off. I sniff back the snot, tears and manage a feeble “am I dead yet” before she utters the words I never hoped to hear: “lie still sweetie, we’re doing a double layer today”.

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