It’s our wedding anniversary today. 2 years. 63,072,000 seconds. 1,051,200 minutes.17,520 hours. 730 days. 104 weeks and 2 days.

In that time we have moved house, moved jobs, fallen pregnant, had a baby, had the worst fights of our lives and subsequently the happiest moments.

Marriage is hard. It’s a daily reminder that you have to work for the things you cherish the most, and that the results are more rewarding than money or gold.

Happy Anniversary to my husband. The man who loves me the most in the world. I love you back. Thank you for giving me our perfect child, constant support (and advice when I don’t actually want it) and for believing in me every step of the way.

Here’s to the next 2 years, and many more after.

95 - Almost There - Kate 22 - Ceremony 54 - Ceremony 122 - Ceremony 23 - Couple & Bridal Party 49 - Couple & Bridal Party 76 - Couple & Bridal Party 132 - Couple & Bridal Party 215 - Couple & Bridal Party 104 - Details & Decor 61 - Reception 130 - Reception 140 - Reception wedding anniversary

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The Happiest Day Of My Life


























I know, I know. We got married months ago and I am only now sharing some pics from the Best Day Ever. Also – these photo’s seem to have loaded from back to front so you will be taking a bit of an obscure trip through the journey – but that just adds to the excitemenet, no?

09.11.13 – Truly, the most amazing day in the world.

140 - Reception

Our great friend Don Packett made the best MC, ever.

7 - Reception

115 - Details & Decor 116 - Details & Decor

Possibly one of my favourite things from the day – our personalized Rupert and Bella cake-toppers made by our friend Maureen. The cake was 3 layers of delicious stinky smelly soft cheese. We served this as canapes with the pre-dinner/photo hour cocktails.

104 - Details & Decor

Handmade magnet name tags – in shapes of birds and hearts

88 - Details & Decor

A sweetie bar for ‘Padkos’

77 - Details & Decor


I still think someone won the lotto and are just to cheap to tell us 😉

40 - Details & Decor

33 - Details & Decor


I just loved doing these – and I have a feeling the trend may pick up (remember, you saw it here first). Personalized place-mats for everyone – created by me, designed by Kim.

8 - Details & Decor


260 - Couple & Bridal Party

240 - Couple & Bridal Party

226 - Couple & Bridal Party


164 - Couple & Bridal Party

Running up and down the WITS stairs with balloons – not something you can say you do everyday

148 - Couple & Bridal Party


Good Looking Bridal Party, eh?

135 - Couple & Bridal Party


128 - Couple & Bridal Party

96 - Couple & Bridal Party

88 - Couple & Bridal Party

My favourite photo of the day

76 - Couple & Bridal Party

63 - Couple & Bridal Party

57 - Couple & Bridal Party 45 - Couple & Bridal Party

34 - Couple & Bridal Party

1 - Couple & Bridal Party


3 generations: Granny, Mom, Me, Oma


182 - Ceremony

122 - Ceremony

113 - Ceremony


My gorgeous friend Ilona was our witness for the signing of the marriage certificate. 


100 - Ceremony


We decided on a Unity Candle for out 2 moms to light and pass on to us

95 - Ceremony


Double chin = Happy.

75 - Ceremony

32 - Ceremony


Entering the Chapel was terrifying. All I remember was Amy saying to me “Act like an iPhone, look around and take as many screengrabs as you can. Smile at everyone”. I was so busy doing that, that it was only at the end I realised I had completely forgotten to look for Barry!

22 - Ceremony

11 - Ceremony


I love this photo of Barry and his best man Chris


9 - Ceremony

Dad, Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?

1 - Ceremony

158 - Almost There - Kate

114 - Almost There - Kate

96 - Almost There - Kate


Wedding Shoes when marrying a shorty have to be flats. Added bonus – they are so comfortable!

82 - Almost There - Kate

71 - Almost There - Kate


We all got ready at my folks house – which was a lot more relaxing than a hotel. Plus my dad rather enjoyed Moet with the maids. 

43 - Almost There - Kate

25 - Almost There - Kate

3 - Almost There - Kate

Being a Groom is thirsty work.

111 - Almost There - Barry 43 - Almost There - Barry

Suppliers Details (cos, they were awesome!)

Dress: De La Vida

Groom and Bestmen suit: Khaliques

Makeup: Candi Makeup

Hair: Next hair

Flowers: The White List

Design: Kim Banks

Decor: Mostly DIY and White List

Venue: Olives and Plates and WITS University

Photographer: Laura Jane


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The Rankin Wedding – Love Is In The Details

For the entire year spent planning our wedding I had been dying to blog every single day and share the home made items, ideas and crafts we had been making. The problem was that I needed to keep everything on the DL to ensure a surprise for my guests on the actual day (this is me assuming my friends even read this blog, but nonetheless). I’m a firm believer that ‘Love is in the Details’ and wanted to make sure that my personal touches were all over our wedding day. I think I achieved it and the feedback received shows me that so many people noticed and appreciated all of the little things we added to #TheRankinWedding.

Apart from using my Pinterest board (also a secret board up until now – enjoy!) for inspiration I also invented a few things which I’m really proud to say have never been done – so when I see them done again I will try to take it as flattery and not be upset that my ideas were stolen 🙂

Here are just a few items that we made for the big day – a HUGE thanks to my mom who never waned from craft duty and my now husband for helping with all the ‘girly’ things with such enthusiasm.

Chalkboards go a long way in adding special messaging to your event – I bought these from Mr Price Home for around R50 a piece. I also found a white paint marker which had excellent results – plus it has the benefit of not smudging. You can get these markers from most craft and art stores – and they come in various colours and sizes.

Chalkboard Decor
Chalkboard Decor

I really wanted a fun takeaway for all the guests – so asked my friend Kim to design some ideas I had – I made up 12 different badges and each guest got one on the night. There was even a ‘Rupert Approves’ one – of course!

badge 3

badge 4

badge 1

badge 2

For the actual guest gift we bought 100 lottery tickets and made a ‘slip cover’ for them. You probably can’t see in the pic but they read “Thanks for banking on our love – your attendance tonight means we get 50% of the winnings”. Unfortunately no-ones won anything…yet!

Lotto Ticket
Lotto Ticket

These place-mats were my own idea and I am ecstatic at how they came out. Instead of having separate printouts for the program, menu etc. I combined all the information plus details on the bridal party and a few fun wedding facts onto a disposable place mat. There was even space where we wrote a personal note to the guests. I’m claiming this one as a hit! (Once again, design was put together by Kim)


I had always wanted our dogs to be a part of the wedding – but having two crazy Boston terriers on the actual day just meant trouble – so I decided to have mini replicas of them made for the cake – they were definitely one of my favourite things on the day!

cake toppers

To give the guests something to do we during cocktail hour, we decided to make individual name tags which doubled up as fridge magnets) which had the guests name and table numbers on them. These we strung onto a tree and guests had to pick their way through the branches to find their name. These took forever to make – my mom, Barry and I had an assembly line and sat for several hours painting, sanding, gluing and tying – getting the tree to the venue and hanging them was also a nightmare but I’m so glad we persevered – it looked stunning!

name tag 2

name tags 1

During the speeches – instead of warm cheap champage we bought several bottles of Don Julio tequila and guests all got a shot for Barrys toast. We had 4 preggy ladies there so they each got a milkshake (Pink for the ones pregnant with girls and blue for those with boys)

76 - Reception

Lastly – I had always wanted to have wedding photos taken with balloons – and so we asked a friend to bring them to the venue for us. Don’t you think the photos turned out well?


I may be posting some more pics of the actual wedding soon … watch this space!

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