A Bush Break

I’m writing this from a PC. 

For those who know me, that’s a mighty big statement considering I haven’t used one of these things in over 10 years. I hate it. I’m going to try and embrace it, but that still doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy this transition. Consider this my disclaimer for any spelling errors which may occur. This silver trackpad from hell has a mind of it’s own.

That aside, I spent 5 days last week at my parent s bush house in Mabalingwe. I had resigned from my job and had a few days in which to unwind and de-stress before the new gig (hence the PC)

Highlights of the weekend defintely included 

1. My mothers face when my future father in-law arrived with 2 cases of beer. For 2 days

2. Watching ‘In the Womb’ with my parents. I don’t care how old you are, watching two golden retrievers do the jiggy is always going to be awkward

2b. Knowing my mother is going to read this post.

3. The pack of mice chewing through the tool box. And the tools

4. My father screeching to a halt in the game vehicle next to a spitting cobra, then gently playing with it with his cap to help me get a decent photo.

5. Mom and Dad reminding me at every opportunity just how lazy/forgetful/messy I was at 12. I think they forget I’m a bit older now.

6. The 2 sets of inlaws bonding over beer, braais and brandewyn








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It’s like riding a bike…

…Except it’s not.

My first ‘Do Something Different’ post starts with me mounting my very abandoned mountain bike and riding the Lion Man Mountain Bike race in Bela Bela. For those sticklers for technicality out there, yes, this is not my first A) Bike ride or B) Lion Man, but the fact that I haven’t nor been on my bike in over a year makes it a relatively new experience for me. (Sies, cheating and this is only blog one!)

The Lion Man mountain bike challenge is a yearly event held at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in Bela Bela (Formerly Warmbaths). The race consists of a 35 or 80 km ride through the bushveld, and the chance to encounter one of the Big 4 en-route. This year the race format changed slightly with Nissan coming on as title sponsor, and the route lengths changed to 20km, 40 km, 75km and 115km. Knowing my bum could not tolerate more than 2 hours in the saddle, and also realising I had probably forgotten how to ride my bike I opted for the fairly ‘safe’ 20km instead of the 35 km which I did every year before this. For those who have never sat on a mountain bike, and ridden (over rocks,craters, abandoned water bottles and limbs – kidding) at speeds of over 35 kmph, do not judge until you have done so. It’s bloody sore, and your bum needs at least two days to recover afterwards.

The race was great, apart from the ninja 4km hill climb at the beginning. After stopping several times to fix my bike and a help a few teary weary guys around me, I finished in 1;29. Not too bad for reborn biking virgin.

The boyfriend braved the 40km and finished (after stopping for 2 beers at a pub in the middle of the route) in 2:30 and our friends Kris and Chett came in from the (very long) 80km ride at just under 6 hours.

It was a very long day in the sun, and kudos to my bestie Amy (read her blog here, yussie she’s one talented chicka) who sat through it all day, patiently playing puzzles on her iPad, and snapping a few pics.

Let me tell you, the beer and mini donuts went down a treat afterwards!


This is me, finishing. All smiles


Post race recovery fuel

Hold up! I have just remembered there was in-fact a ‘first’ for me this weekend. My car’s battery died as we were trying to leave the reserve, so the boyfriend and I managed to push it from its parking bay and jumpstart it using the very old and temperamental land Rover. Shew, not such a first-post cheat after all 😉

Honda. I am your Father.
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