A Blog A day Challenge – What's In My Purse – Day 9

A sachet of soya sauce, a waist belt, my swimming timetable, a dozen lip balms and a bottle of cinnamon were some of the more strange items I found lurking in my handbag today. Other items included my cellphone (used to take the picture, so missing from this glamour shot), my iPad, hair clips and ties, wallet, keys, a spare cellphone battery and my car and house keys. 

My name is Kate, and I am a handbag hoarder. 


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A Blog A Day Challenge – Your Earliest Memory – Day 7

Growing up on a small holding in Chartwell was tough for an up and coming socialite. At that stage, the closest shop was at Fourways Mall and to get there by ox cart took ages. I jest. We had a cream Jetta, but close enough.

Now, I’m not sure if this is my earliest memory, but its one of the strongest. 

It was a Saturday and we were harvesting the fields playing in the garden and I had been harassing mom and dad to take me to the pet store for a fish tank. I’m pretty sure I was close to getting a klap from dad after a while, so I’m still surprised by how he caved. Dad never caves, he has the resistance of 2 day old porridge left in the fridge.

“Fine, get in the car let’s go” he aid “We’re not wasting bladdy time there either” I also recall vague threats about bringing home another dog over his dead body. 

I couldn’t believe my luck! I was finally going to venture past the gates of the plot and go shopping – still a favourite pastime.

I had been saving up my pocket money (yes, all those R2’s cleaning the horse shed had really paid off) and was eager to blow my loot on a tank, a stand and a few mortally challenged goldfish. 

Shortly thereafter the tank was purchased, cleaned and set up in my room. I don’t think the fish lasted very long and were soon replaced with 2 tiny turtles given to me by our local GP up the road. You cant make this stuff up. Once the turtles lost their charm the hamster obsession took place and soon I was breeding the things like…well…rodents. One hamster in particular – her name was Mole – had several tiny babies the one morning. A few hours later I walked in to witness her eating the last of them. A few days later my dog Touser jumped into the tank and ate Mole.

The circle of life. Sometimes it just ‘aint pretty.



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A Blog A Day Challenge – Best Advice You Ever Got – Day 5

Birds of a feather flock together, right? So naturally the friends and family I have are just the brightest and smartest of them all. 

In terms of advise though, I can’t seem to recall the best piece of advise I’ve ever received – I suppose lessons happen throughout your life, and there are times when you need different pieces of advise from different people.

Some of the ones that stick out for me however:

“Good better best, never stop to rest, until your good is better and your better is best”

I think this is my favourite one ever – My Opa always said this to me and learning this little poem is one of my earliest memories. I try and apply it to most things I do. Except Excel – Excel is dumb. 


“You know how you take a screen-grab on your iPhone? Do that with your eyes every few seconds, take in everything.”

My friend Amy said this to me moments before walking down the aisle. I was so focused on looking around and literally taking in everything that  only realised when I got to the end that Barry was even there. Oops.

“This too shall pass”

No idea where I first heard this , or from who – but man alive it could not be more true. From anything ranging from debt, to heartbreak to a stiff bum after squats…. it passes friends. Sit tight and be strong.

“It’s too soon to panic”

Barry the husband tells me this at-least once a week. Whether it’s to quell my nerves at the start of a race, if I’m stressed at work or if something I want done hasn’t been done like RIGHT AWAY. Wise guy (most of the time) this one. 

“Dont burn your bridges”

Unless they’re a c*nt, in which case, I’ll hand you the matches. 

And some more favourites. In picture form. 




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A Blog A Day Challenge – Your Favourite 5 Blogs – Day 4

This is a tricky one for me – I follow so many blogs that it’s almost impossible narrowing them down to 5. But, here goes:

1. Local is Lekker (and verskriklike funny)


Sheena is a hoot. Let me tell ya. The day I stumbled across her blog I literally did no work. Not an email was answered and not a fuck was given. At one point I laughed so hard I had a little wee. Some of my faves from her blog include this post and this. Oh Sheena, you had me at ‘Rapey Ghosts”.

2. When makeup is your obsession…


Her name is Cara (hence, blog name Maskcara – get it?) and she looks like an angel sent to earth to bring us tales of primer and lotions, shadows and potions. She also seems really lovely – as in she wouldn’t mind if I arrived unannounced at her house and asked to live with her forever kind of nice. Her site is full of actual useful information – she’s not all like ‘Everybody suits a red lip’ because, kuk. Cara, you are my lesbian girl crush. I heart you proper.

3. Why buy when you can make?


The 2 Shanty sisters make the most amazing stuff out of barely nothing at all. I love their fresh ideas, frugality and how they make up-cycling look like something bought, not like that revolting home-made tie dyed t-shirt you made as a kid and then gave to your dad on Fathers Day. I don’t have a favourite post from them, because every post is my favourite. My husband rues the day I ever stumbled across this site, because now every single weekend includes a ‘SuperFunAndEasyIPromise project!’ for us to do.

4. It’s so pretty I want to eat it.

The Pretty Blog

Again, 2 ladies making magic with words and images. My pretty Blog obsession started when I was planning our wedding. I spent all my free time perusing the real life weddings, DIY ideas and images, while spilling drool on my iMac. I’m still a little bit burnt that our wedding didn’t feature on their site – what, do they have rocks in their head!? – but I forgive them. because they gave me so much inspiration for our big day. Pretty Blog. I like you, like a lot.

5. ‘Cos you can never have too much of a good thing. And by good thing I mean lipstick.

The Beauty Department

Remember a time when MTV played music videos? It was around this time that they also spewed out Reality TV shows focused on blonde 20-somethings all boning each other, breaking up and then doing it all over again. Meet Lauren Conrad – ex The Hills ‘star’ turned fashionista and beauty blogger. Her site is delicious. The Beauty Department shows you, in easy step by step ways, how to make the best out of yourself. Look, it does help if you happen to look like Lauren herself, but a girl can dream.

That’s my round up of my top 5. I would love some suggestions from you, smart readers, on who to follow. Please leave any blog suggestions in the comments and I will toddle on over and check ’em out. Hell – use this time to promote your site – chances are I would love reading our stuff but just have no idea how to find you!


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Blog A Day Challenge – The Meaning of Your Blog Name – Day 2

When I first started writing this blog, we had just adopted our gorgeous little boy ‘Rupert’. A 5 week old cute as a button Boston Terrier, who crawled his way into our hearts the instant we met him. 

For anyone who has ever owned a Boston Terrier, you’ll be familiar with the side-of-the-head tilt that screams curiosity, disapproval and bewilderment all at once.

When I was naming the blog I thought about that tilt of the head and what it stood for, and reckoned if Rupert could talk it would be full of sarcasm, disapproval, a smidgen of humour and probably requests for more food. I decided there and then to name my blog ‘Rupert Approves’. Ironically, the older he’s got, the less he does. A bit like me I suppose. 


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