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Yesterday I posted a photo of Piper in her Love To Dream swaddle, and the response I was just incredible! So many other moms and dads got in touch telling me how it’s changed their life in terms of baby sleep.

Now, I’m just a mom of a 4 month old and never-gonna-leave bags under her eyes, so I’m no expert – but I will do whatever it takes to get my baby down, and keep her down! So for me, I cannot live without four things when it comes to Piper having a sleep:

  1. A Love To Dream Swaddle Up
  2. A good dummy (I swear by those hideous ‘honey dummies’)
  3. A sleep du-du (there are so may on the market but Piper favours a little pink bunny)
  4. A full tummy

Since posting the pic, I have received so many questions  about Love To Dream , so I thought I would do my research and answer them all here:

Where do you get the sleep sack? I have been looking and cant find anything suitable

You can get them from The Bub Hub (and they now have an online store, yay!), Takealot, Kids Emporium, Baby Fantasy and A-Z

Do you find the sleep sack really helps to keep Piper sleeping? Grayson has started waking and I’ve been wondering if that might help him

Yes. I really do. It hasn’t got her sleeping through the night, but the aim isn’t for it to do that (that’s just baby to baby specific) – but it has been a lifesaver in helping her feel secure. Since she was born she’s suffered from a really bad startle reflex and kept waking herself up. In the Love To Dream she can’t wake herself up with that jerky arm movement, and so her sleep is deeper and much better. Sometimes she goes down for a day nap, without her Swaddle Up, and she sleep is only about 30 minutes long. Like today. She has literally just woken up form her sleep after 20 minutes (her swaddle is on the line, drying). I think Grayson may be too old for the original swaddle – but you can get him something called the ‘Swaddle Up 50/50’ which has removable wings and is made for babies age 4-8 months. This is what I’m moving Piper onto next.


I cant imagine how Stevie would handle it – she uses her hands so much to self soothe and get herself to sleep. Are her (Pipers) elbows bent and hand up by her face?

The Swaddle Up has been designed for exactly that! To allow a more natural “arms up” position which allows baby to self-soothe. If you look closely at the pic of Piper you will see how damp and grubby the arm parts are – because she literally sucks on them all the time.

What is the age range?

Birth to 3 years – the swaddles are available in 3 stages – ‘Original’, ’50/50′ and ‘sleep bag’.

Sounds like a winning recipe! How old was Piper when you started using it? I have one, but not sure what age to use it from

I think she was a few days old when we started, the second I realised how bad her reflex was, was the second I popped her in one. You can start now for your gorgeous little girl 🙂

Do they make these swaddles in adult sizes?

Haha, I was wondering the same thing!

How do you put them to sleep in it?

You literally pop them in, put their hands and legs inside and zip it u. Then you lay them on their back, or side, depending on their preferred sleep position

Check out this video to see a more detailed description of the Original Swaddle Up and how it works

So, I kinda bet you’re dying to get your hands on (and your baby in!) one of these Swaddle Up’s, right? Lucky for you I have one Swaddle Up™ Original in Pink, Blue or Grey in Small or medium to give away.

To enter, simply tell me what you would do to pass the time while your baby has a gorgeous long sleep in his or her Swaddle Up. Would you read a book have a nap, hit the gym or just sit and watch them sleep? I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday so make sure to drop your answer in the comments, follow my blog and like Rupert Approves on Facebook. If you want an additional entry, simply share this post from here, or my Facebook page, to your Facebook page.

Good Luck! 🙂


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  1. So I am done having kids (although, this was more my husbands decision than mine:), I would love another one), however I would love to give this to one of my very special friends currently pregnant as I know how important it is for your baby to sleep so you can have some time to yourself, sleep or hey even take a shower…!!!

    Love love love this and would love to win!!!
    Pick me pick me!!!

  2. I would propably just watch my little girl sleep? Although eating a big piece of cake and drinking a cappuccino sounds amazing too!!!!

  3. Friend, this post is fab! And Piper’s eyelashes – oh my greatness!

    I’m entering this as we prepare for the birth of baby number two. Considering our boys will only be 18-months apart, I will be spending that “sleep” time to have some time where I can just “be” and not have to “do” anything 🙂

  4. I am yet to spawn, about 12 weeks away, but I hear that i wont have any trouble finding things that need doing when she’s sleeping. Apparently your tea will always be cold, so maybe i’ll use that time to drink something piping hot without the risk of it spilling on said spawn? or maybe i’ll have some time in the sun with my dogs who i hear will feel neglected upon the arrival of the small one. Or maybe, just maybe, i’ll listen to the advice that says “sleep when they sleep” and just pass out on the floor next to the cot… maybe it’ll help me feel less jealous that her room is the only one in the house with its parquet flooring restored and fancy. or finally… according to my mother… i will use this time to be a good mother and prep food, wash clothes, wash the house and make myself look somewhat normal. only time will tell.
    this first time mom would appreciate any napping help 🙂

  5. My son is 6 months old and is yet to sleep through the night! I would SLEEP! I have about 7 months’ sleep to catch up on.

  6. Ahhh I would LOVE to win a Love to Dream Swaddle!! I love to sleep as much as my little angel does so when he sleeps, mom loves to get a little nap in too!

  7. If Max would ever have a nap I’d hit the gym to try get some sort of my body back. Ah who am I kidding I’d probably just have a cup of tea d

  8. I would want to gym and watch my favourite series but honestly I get too exhausted to do any of that, I usually end up adoring Baby whilst he’s sleeping and then fall asleep myself

  9. With my little one due next month, I’d use any spare time I had to take time out for myself and catch up with my husband and friends!

  10. I’m not sure yet as I am still to give birth to my little girl but I can imagine a cup of tea and a delicious nap would be in order while the little one sleeps!

  11. I think since Grayson’s daytime naps have become only 30mins long, I would be very tempted to have a nap too and hopefully we could both get sleep which extends beyond 30 minutes if he was in a Swaddle Up 🙂

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