Solids, Sickness and Sucking It Up. Plus – Win A Medela Breastpump!

There’s a magical time in the life cycle of a parent, where for a split second you know exactly what’s going on. Your baby’s schedule finally resembles something of order, he’s sleeping, crapping and eating on time, and you’re high-fiving yourself for a job well done. And by high-fiving yourself I mean drinking 5 glasses of celebratory wine.

Then, without notice or warning, your baby goes through one of his seventeen thousand growth spurts (it’s true, I Googled it) and everything changes.

For me, it was around about the time I went back to work, Carter decided night time sleep was not necessary, and waking up every hour was more of his vibe. He also then decided to bring home every germ known to man from crèche and make me ill and himself perpetually snotty in the process.

So, as if sitting in meetings with racoon eyes, a permanently-resides-in-my-gut-now tummy bug and a third of a brain cell wasn’t bad enough, we then also had solids to contend with. I have been dreading the progression from milk to solids – it felt  like a monumental chore to me.  Not only would I now need to leave the house with everything and then the kitchen sink – now I must remember microscopic portions of blended, pureed vegetables (a variety, just in case he hates carrots), as well as spoons, bibs the size of small countries and another 6 changes of clothes. Lord, it’s hard enough remembering the baby!

Like most things in life though, solids have proven to be way more fun than I imagined. Sure, you end up dirtier than a Kardashians divorce, but the baby loves it, the dogs standing underneath the feeding chair love it, and its overall a pretty rewarding thing – having kept your baby long enough that he or she now eats from a (albeit rubbery and purple) spoon.

Baby weaning to solids

This is not a post on baby food recipes, or tips on how to keep kid clean during feeding (hint: you must actually throw the baby out with the bathwater) but it is a little note to all the moms who are nearing this milestone, on how I’ve managed to incorporate solids into our lives, without having too much of a logistical breakdown.

  1. Start slowly. Your baby still needs his milk (breast or formula) throughout the process. The initial introduction of solids is small, and for the first few weeks it’s simply there to get him used to something other than milk. So don’t panic about it – it’s pretty impossible to mess it up too much at this point. For more info on formula and what’s best for your babe, check out
  2. Start with porridge and then only move on to vegetables.
  3. Because Carter has the ‘crèche-plague’, I’ve been mixing his porridge with breast milk as opposed to formula. Lucky for me I have a nice stash in my freezer to use. I’ve also been substituting one bottle of formula a day with breast milk (the stuff is magical as an immune booster!). If you are going back to work soon, invest in a travel pump so you can express at the office.
  4. When your baby is ready for veggies – make sure to find out what veggies he will eat. It’s completely pointless steaming an entire pumpkin when he ends up hating the stuff. Because we only started vegetables this weekend, I’ve made 1 batch of each veg, and will be introducing one to him a day – that way if he loves a particular one I will know to make more and freeze. My child is 50% my husband, so Im not holding my breath on him loving anything green that rhymes with megemabel.
  5. In term of portions – I’m still trying to figure out how little or how much, but the general consensus is to steam, puree and freeze in ice trays. Then, when it’s feed time, simply pop a cube or 2 out and go from there. Please, and this is very important, make sure you still have normal ice trays available for your wine. It’s also quite important to not confuse the 2, and give Little Johnny a spoon of Sav Blanc, or drop a frozen block of sweet potato in your Chardonnay.
  6. It’s best to introduce solids between meals – and because I work full time, I’ve found that 5 pm works best for us. Carter now also has porridge after his morning bottle, and then a nap. (remind me why we wanted to be adults?)
  7. A few other foodie options I’ve played with are breast milk lollies, teething biscuits and banana in a mesh food bag. In a few weeks I’m going to introduce biltong and dried mango – because I’m loaded apparently.
  8. Like I said, I am NOT the expert. Luckily for you, there are some moms out there who have it waxed. I found Baby Jakes Mom to be a huge help.
  9. Lastly, have fun! I have very quickly had to get over my anti-mess OCD tendencies, and have resigned myself to the fact that for the foreseeable future I will probably never be clean again. I keep reminding myself of the mantra that ‘messy play is good for babies’.

20151018_161654 IMG_20151012_174417

Lastly, in keeping with the spirt of healthy, happy and well fed babies- the kind folk at Medela have a Harmony breast pump to giveaway to one lucky Rupert Approves reader. So, if you’re pregnant, current owner of a freshly baked baby or know of someone who would like to win this awesome prize, all you need to do to enter is the following:

  1. Make sure you like the Rupert Approves Facebook page
  2. Follow the Rupert Approves Blog
  3. Leave a comment on this blog and tell me a story about your solids experience (if you have a baby) or if you’re as far away from being pregnant as Donald Trump is to winning the elections – simply tell me who you would like to win this breast pump for.

The Ts and the Cs

  • All competition mechanics must be followed in order to be entered in to the draw
  • The competition runs from 22 October and the winner will be picked and announced on 26 October at 3 pm
  • All entrants must visit the Rupert Approves blog to find out if they have been chosen
  • The prize is not transferrable
  • The competition is open to anyone worldwide, however the prize can only be delivered within South Africa.

About the Medela Harmony

  • Medela Harmony single manual breast pump is designed for mums who mostly breastfed and is great for travel or as backup.
  • Light and discreet: Switch between this pump and a double electric pump, or use the pump on its own if you aren’t a frequent pumper
  • Medela Harmony single manual breast pump is designed for mums who mostly breastfed and is great for travel or as backup. (Perfect for the office!)
  • Elegantly designed and comfortable to use: assembly is intuitive and the pump has an ergonomic twist handle
  • Features 2-Phase Expression technology

Medela Harmony



Congratulations to DEBS on winning this competition!! Please pop me an email to to claim your prize! 🙂

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  1. Another hilarious post. Loved the instagram pic of all the mini typwrware tubs. My sister embarks on these cooking solid marathons every Sunday afternoons…I’ve seen the struggle. As an expectant mom (due in Dec ) planning to breastfeed, a breast-pump would be awesome. I am unfortunately not on FB but I hope my Instagram fellowship can be a valid substitute?!

  2. Butternut Boogers. Our little dude had a thing about blowing raspberries when his mouth was full of butternut. The butternut boogers that came out DAYS later….unbelievable! We are trying for #2 so would love to win this breast pump! x

  3. Fan on facebook Check, Follow Blog check, Stalk you on Instagram check. My baby is nearing 10 months and we had a slow start to solids, he hates porridge so he only eats fruit, meat and veggies. It’s okay though we are all different. He has quite a developed palate already and loves a range of veg and fruit, even spinach and meat soups are a huge winner. Blitzed up macaroni cheese is a firm favourite! I would love to win a breast pump for me.. I have a cheap shitty one that I try make work every day as we don’t have a freezer stash and I don’t top up with formula ( cause sigh we are that broke ). So pick me!!!!

  4. Hi, my baby girl is 3 weeks old, and I am am feeding exclusive breast milk only.
    Thanks for the tips on solids. Will be useful when we get there… and this is our 1st little angel.
    I would like to have this pump to further more express excess milk for storage. So that when I go back to work, my husband can continue to give breast milk only! I will be going back when she is 4 months old… not looking forward but at least I will know her milk is sorted out!

  5. I would love love love to win the Medela pump! I have a baby boy, 6 weeks old tomorrow, and even though the thought of solids haven’t crossed my mind yet, I like to follow your posts to see what’s coming soonish. And boy did that dirty little face make me simultaneously cringe and LOL! Good job for making your own baby food, I’ve heard it takes dedication. But so does pumping to build a stash apparently! I am going to start pumping this weekend with my Tommee Tippee manual breast pump, but hoping to upgrade it with this lovely giveaway 😉

  6. We started Abby on rice cereal at 4 months as suggested by our Pead… turns out doctors don’t know babies better than their mommies and Abby was just not ready, so we gave up after 3 days. Then… 1 day before she was 6 months old, she launched forward and latched onto my banana from the restraints of the Baby Bjorn strapped to my chest! Apparently THAT was her way of announcing that she was ready for solids 🙂 We never turned back after that and within days she was munching away on everything in our fridge!
    A medela pump would fit in well with my plans for baby number 2! You know… so I can pump for nights when wine is more important than winning a game of 30 seconds!!!

  7. My son is just over 2 years now and I remember the transition like it was yesterday (thank goodness as no.2 is due 8 Feb 2016). It was always such a hack steaming and blending truck loads of fruit & veggies but always worth it when feeding time was so much fun. I have 2 staffies that have surprisingly plumped out over the past 18 months ??. Beetroot was fun! Had to throw away a few stained outfits as the bibs the size of small countries just didn’t work!! But the Hannibal lector look was amusing.

  8. Would love to win this for….me!!!! Haha hahaha expecting to deliver in next few days…..or weeks. Well one experience with nephew..he only ate when he watched Gangum Style.

  9. I have done all of the above and another great post Kate! Starting solids was a breeze and but a messy time for us. My little girl loved butternut and sweet potato. One of my favourite memories of solids is Emily falling asleep while is was trying to feed her and I was lucky enough to get it all on video! Still makes me laugh thinking about ??

  10. I am new to the baby game….again! First girl is 3.5 years and feels like I am learning everything from scratch, just with an audience trying to help this time round! Can’t wait for solids so that her sister can help with the mess making! Baby is 3 weeks old and with first one I couldn’t breastfeed and it was really dissapointing. We are on 3 weeks now going strong but would love the pump to help us go as long as possible!

  11. FB – check
    Blog – check
    Comment – check

    Puh-leez can we have this breast pump. My LB almost 3 weeks old and spent the first 2.5 weeks of his precious little life, fighting for it, in NICU. We only came home on Friday. Thanks to being hooked up to ALL the machines, his latching isnt great and we can only express and bottle feed…. I need this! He needs this! We need this!

    Good luck with the rest of your solids journey. They really do grow up so quickly… I hope we don’t get there too soon. I missed the newborn phase and just want this phase to last a little longer.

  12. Hey there my Lil boy just turned 6 months Friday and started making my vegs and fruits the beginning of the week, so that we can start trying it out on Friday. Lol what a surprise I was in for. He didn’t like the oats porridge. Didn’t like butternut,sweet potato,banana or apple at all. He was tugging rather on mommies clothes for his milkies. I hope I win coz I would like to bless a fellow work colleague who is due beginning Nov 2015. She is so inspired by my whole pumping at work journey and so supportive and encouraging but unfortunately can’t afford to buy one.

      1. Lol its a whole new ball game but lots of fun, and thanx for the tips on your post. My 1st child was formula fed and ate purity, this time Im doing everything different after lots of research and knowledge I gained during my pregnancy. Keeping my fingers crossed for this week trial

  13. So cute. You just reminded me about the challenges of feeding solids, with my son I battled he would gag at every bit of solids I would feed him, I would be such a creative mom in the kitchen all excited about making all different variety of solids but he would just gag and would not eat much solids until he was 8 months old, it is still was a challenge because he has sensory procesing disorder so feeding him solids has been such a challenge. I’m due in a weeks time with another boy I’m hoping my solids feeding journey will be a little easier this time around. This Breast pump will really help me when I plan to express a bit when he’s 6 weeks old once breastfeeding is established. Liked your fb page and followed your blog.

  14. My baby boy ate wonderfully from 6 months. Fruit, veggies, u name it, he loved it 🙂 but after having a vomiting bug and being rushed to hospital 2 weeks ago he absolutely refuses to eat :((( it’s such a worry but I am hoping and praying that his hearty appetite will return soon. The breast pump will really help me to give him extra milkies and also let dad help out since my little bean is hardly eating any solids these days 🙁 he is 8 months next week xx

  15. Would love to win this! Baba is 3 months old and I have to express and feed as he just doesn’t want to latch properly! Would love a better pump! The one I have is a pain in the boob! Hahaha
    Solids is still a while away for us thou!!

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