The 13 Most Annoying Things A Person Can Say

My boss is terribly proud that he was the inspiration behind this particular post. In fact, inspired by his comments of “Just wait until you have kids, you will never find the time to blog, let alone wee in peace” I’m going to blog even more. Screaming baby or no screaming baby.

(If you listen quietly you will hear every new mom with an infant laughing hysterically at that)

So, thank you Niel, your comment and 12 others have formed  my ’13 most annoying things a person can say’ post.

  • “Oh, you hate traffic? You should move closer to the office”
  • “Because I’m a woman, that’s why”
  • “Just wait until you’re a mother”
  • “That’s not my job”
  • “You don’t know what free time is until you become a parent”
  • “You look tired”
  • “Can you borrow me some money”
  • “You have time for (insert hobby here)? You clearly don’t work very hard.”
  • “Oh, you’re a vegetarian? Don’t you miss meat?”
  • “Oh, you’re a vegetarian? What do you eat”
  • “Oh, you’re a vegetarian? Can you eat chicken?”
  • “Can you client service this for me?”
  • Babe, I will fix it, there’s no need to remind me every 6 months”


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  1. I have several hobbies. Anyone who thinks I don’t work hard enough is welcome to try out my job for a week when I’m next on leave. I’ll leave you some “Holy shit help me or I’m going to die!!!” pills in the bottom drawer, be sure to double the dose after Wednesday morning.

    I live a long way from the office, near the beach and the mountain and a lake and a forest where I walk my dogs in the morning before work. I still don’t like traffic though so how about we move offices.

    I am the doer of many jobs, as a result people who tell me “That’s not my job!” quickly discover that even if you take all the pills in the bottom drawer, sometimes death is unavoidable.

    I have no insights into parenting other than Que Sera Sera.

    I have a cool trick for vegetarian Thai Green Curry. I shall tell you Tuesday, if I see you, otherwise I’m taking the secret to the grave with me along with my recipes for really impressive couscous and spectacular nachos (also vegetarian).

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