A Blog A Day Challenge – Your Favourite 5 Blogs – Day 4

This is a tricky one for me – I follow so many blogs that it’s almost impossible narrowing them down to 5. But, here goes:

1. Local is Lekker (and verskriklike funny)


Sheena is a hoot. Let me tell ya. The day I stumbled across her blog I literally did no work. Not an email was answered and not a fuck was given. At one point I laughed so hard I had a little wee. Some of my faves from her blog include this post and this. Oh Sheena, you had me at ‘Rapey Ghosts”.

2. When makeup is your obsession…


Her name is Cara (hence, blog name Maskcara – get it?) and she looks like an angel sent to earth to bring us tales of primer and lotions, shadows and potions. She also seems really lovely – as in she wouldn’t mind if I arrived unannounced at her house and asked to live with her forever kind of nice. Her site is full of actual useful information – she’s not all like ‘Everybody suits a red lip’ because, kuk. Cara, you are my lesbian girl crush. I heart you proper.

3. Why buy when you can make?


The 2 Shanty sisters make the most amazing stuff out of barely nothing at all. I love their fresh ideas, frugality and how they make up-cycling look like something bought, not like that revolting home-made tie dyed t-shirt you made as a kid and then gave to your dad on Fathers Day. I don’t have a favourite post from them, because every post is my favourite. My husband rues the day I ever stumbled across this site, because now every single weekend includes a ‘SuperFunAndEasyIPromise project!’ for us to do.

4. It’s so pretty I want to eat it.

The Pretty Blog

Again, 2 ladies making magic with words and images. My pretty Blog obsession started when I was planning our wedding. I spent all my free time perusing the real life weddings, DIY ideas and images, while spilling drool on my iMac. I’m still a little bit burnt that our wedding didn’t feature on their site – what, do they have rocks in their head!? – but I forgive them. because they¬†gave me so much inspiration for our big day. Pretty Blog. I like you, like a lot.

5. ‘Cos you can never have too much of a good thing. And by good thing I mean lipstick.

The Beauty Department

Remember a time when MTV played music videos? It was around this time that they also spewed out Reality TV shows focused on blonde 20-somethings all boning each other, breaking up and then doing it all over again. Meet Lauren Conrad – ex The Hills ‘star’ turned fashionista and beauty blogger. Her site is delicious. The Beauty Department shows you, in easy step by step ways, how to make the best out of yourself. Look, it does help if you happen to look like Lauren herself, but a girl can dream.

That’s my round up of my top 5. I would love some suggestions from you, smart readers, on who to follow. Please leave any blog suggestions in the comments and I will toddle on over and check ’em out. Hell – use this time to promote your site – chances are I would love reading our stuff but just have no idea how to find you!


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