When Talking Too Much Earns You Money

In my case – it happens to be true…

Many years ago, before joining the big bad world of the corporate I worked in radio as a DJ. (Back when Highveld was still tolerable I’ll have you know). I hosted the weekday morning 5-6 am slot – I often referred to myself as Jeremy Mansfields fluffer – and I also had my own weekend afternoon show on Saturdays and Sunday’s from 2 – 6 pm. When I wasn’t waking up at the crack of Satans bum to go on air I was lecturing radio courses and freelancing as a voice over artist.

Eventually, after 7 years in ‘the biz’ I realised I had to make a call; Follow my life long dream or keep it as a hobby and get a ‘real’ job. So, get a real job I did (although events and PR person for Nintendo was a very nice transition I’ll have you know).

I have been freelancing as a voice and TV artists for over 10 years now and I love how I still get to do what I love, on the side, and have a steady income with my 8 – 5.

I’ve never promoted my work on line and all work I do get is via word of mouth (pardon ze pun). Which leads me to tell you about one of the most embarrassing moments of my life:

An old colleague of mine had given my details to a guy looking for a voice over artist. Now, just to out it in context, people are¬†always¬†looking for free work and I can’t explain how often I’ve been called on to record company telephone lines (every company I have ever worked for) do free corporate videos and everything in between – ya, I really love working for no pay.

Anyways, this guy Mark asked me to come through to record a demo one afternoon after work (I generally do all my work at 6 am before work or in the evening). The lead up to The Most Embarrassing Moment went as follows (All of this via Whatsapp)

Mark: “Hi Kate, Can you pop round after work to record a demo? My address is X”

Kate: “Sure, no problem. See you around 7 pm”

Kate (then sends a message to Barry her then boyfriend now Husband): “Love – this is the address I’m going to (insert address). I’m getting there around 7 pm. If you don’t hear from me, call the cops, I suspect this man is dodgy and about to kidnap me.”

I then realise I HAVE SENT THIS MESSAGE TO MARK AND NOT BARRY AS INITIALLY INTENDED. Fuck fuckity fuck! (Also, the delete option on a Whatsapp message is about as effective as a condom stapled to a flyer).

Message then supposedly ‘deleted’ I arrive at Marks office red and embarrassed and praying like hell he never saw it. Sadly he did. Mark now thinks I think he’s a creep and I want the earth to swallow me whole. Turns out his office is on the same property as his house and Mark couldn’t be nicer. That night, to ease my fears he introduced me to his wife, 2 adorable kids and golden retriever puppy. I kid you not.

Mark also pays me well, on time and gives me loads of work for which I am eternally grateful.

If you too would like me to do some not-free work for you – below are some links to some work I’ve done.

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