The Energizer Light Race – Ticket Giveaway!

Us Saffas have gotten pretty good at doing things in the dark – what with all the Eishkom power outages that we’re all too used to being on the receiving end of, it’s no surprise we’ve become adept at coping in a blackout. Hell, I once even attempted to boil water by precariously placing a mug over 2 tea-light candles. (Side note – it doesn’t work)

Doing Things In The Dark has even spurred a new movement in athletics – with Nike launching their Run Jozi initiative and now Energizer joining in on the fun. Last year I blogged about the Energizer Night Race here and here and this year, it’s back!

If the thought of running turns you off (yes, I’m talking to you friends with “bad knees”), then never fear, because this year participants have the option to take part in either a 10 km trail run, a 5 km walk or  20 km mountain bike. Even better – it’s taking place in Soweto with all routes illuminated by you and Energizer.

Diarise Saturday 10 May now – as this is an event you don’t want to miss. If you class yourself as more ‘water boy’ than ‘athlete’ then the array of entertainment on offer will not disappoint. Participants will be surrounded by the beat of Zulu drums and Pantsula dancers while spectators will be entertained by George the Beatboxer, DJ Milkshake and Laser Dancers. Come hungry as the food will be ‘local and lekker’ with options from local African cuisine caterers and shisanyama’s on sale.

As this is a night race (otherwise why would Energizer sponsor it, silly) the events start as follows:

Mountain Bike Race: 6:30 pm

The route begins at Mofolo Park and follows the wetland north to Dorothy Nyembe Park, circling this park before passing Sedibeng Restaurant. It moves through Dube Hostel then heads to Mzimhlope, before turning back with Orlando Stadium on the left heading to Vilakazi Street. It then briefly joins the runners and walkers along Vilakazi street before heading past Winnie Mandela’s house and back to Mofolo Park.

10km Run: 6:45 pm

Leaving the starting point at Mofolo Park, the route will pass Nancefield Zulu Hostel, go over the bridge at Dube Station and along the small stream with the suburb of Klipspruit on the right, turning left at the Power Park Dam and the Orlando Towers. It will then pass through Nomzamo Shack settlement, crossing over the railway bridge in Orlando adjacent to Orlando Stadium through to Vilakazi street before heading back through Dube Village to Mofolo Park.

5 km Walk: 7:15 pm

The walk starts at Mofolo Park, then heads into Dube village past the Ubuntu Kraal and Winnie Mandela’s home before crossing over the Orlando Koppie. It then moves onto Vilakazi street before heading back through Dube Village to Mofolo Park.

The prices for each event varies from R60 for spectator to R270 for mountain biker). To enter you must visit

The good news, for those squealing at the cost, is that the lovely folk at Energizer have given me 4 tickets to give away. Nice hey? All you need to do to stand in line to win an entry (to a race of your choice – even you Mrs-bad-knees-I’d-rather-spectate) is to simply comment on this blog post and tell me how amazing I am. I jest – although bonus points for bribery.

To win – for realsies – simply comment on this blog post and tell me why you want to take part, and which race tickles your fancy. You then win a cool prize and save yourself some ronds to spend at the shebeen that night.

This unmissable event is a must for fitness lovers, Afro-chic partygoers and those who love the vibrant culture and history that Soweto has to offer. Get glowing with the Energizer Light Race and set the night alight. For more information, go to

The competition closes at midnight on Friday 7 March and the winna-wenas will be announced on Monday 10 March.

Good Luck!!



Update 10/03/14

The winners have been drawn! (thanks to a very nifty online number generator). If your name is below please drop me an email at with your email address and cell number.

Ziphelele: 5km

John Kearney: 10km Train Run

Sasha Martin: 5km walk

Stephan Schlebusch: Mtb Ride


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  1. I want to be a winner-wena with Energizer to give ginger kids street cred and show what day walkers do at a night walk in Soweto. Also a great motive to start getting fit!

  2. Two things that I love whilst riding my mountain bike: love the sport so much that my whole life revolves around it – it truly is a lifestyle for me; and the fact one discovers new places/experiences every single time.
    I have never had the chance to ride on my MTB in Soweto, let alone at night, and this will certainly be an experience to remember.

  3. I want to take part because I want to get fit again and it will be my FIRST race. Experiencing the streets of Soweto with a group of people sounds like a great idea too.. 5km walk for me

  4. I would like to take part because I want to be fit again and it would be my first race. Experiencing the Soweto streets with a group of people sounds like a lot of fun. 5km

  5. I did the night run in Modderontein last year and loved every minute. I still wear my red Energizer T shirt with pride and as a result I wouldn’t miss this years run for the world. But hey, I’m not fussy. I wouldn’t mind winning an entry for the mountain bike ride either.
    Also…I’m your brother and you love me.

  6. I did the 10km Energizer night run last year in Modderfontein and loved every minute of it. This years event sounds amazing and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But hey, I’m not fussy, I’d be just as happy to get an entry for the MTB event as well.
    Besides, you’re my sister and you love me.

  7. Sounds wonderful, maybe your old ma needs to do a 5 km walk and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Soweto.

  8. Since we are looking to take over night time running one race at a time, I would really like to win this entry for the 10k run.

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