The Top 13 of 2013

Last year on 12/12/12 I wrote this. Unfortunately there is no such date as 13/13/13 so 19/12/13 shall have to suffice for me to recap on the 13 biggest (baddest, bestest and saddest) things to happen in 2013.

1. We got married! Yay!

2. I left a job where I was being bullied and harassed by management and started a new job where I’m treated with kindness and respect by my superiors (let me tell ya what a difference that has made to my self esteem)

3. I took part in and finished my very first Half Iron Man!

4. I traveled to Malaysia with my hubby for the words best Honeymoon. You can read about that here and here

5. My mom in law suffered a stroke and pulled through like an absolute champ.

6. I had my heart broken by a friend and learnt how to pick myself up and carry on (sort of)

7. I came 2nd in a night-trail race and beat my PB by 3 minutes.

8. I learnt how to forgive and forget past hurts

9. I changed my surname. Rankin Rankin Rankin (Apparently the more I say it the quicker I will get used to hearing it)

10. Our beloved ‘Tata’ Mandela passed away and caused the entire world to become proudly South African. 

11. My brother got married and I gained a new sister and her fabulous family.

12. I landed a huge voice over and TV deal

13. I gained some new friends who I cant ever imagine my life without. 

To everyone who has made this year the rollercoaster ride that it was – thank you.

What are your Top 13 of 2013?





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  1. I particularly like point 11 🙂 it eas certainly a year combined with real highs and lows. The lows really make one appreciate the highs dont they xx

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